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Type: Games
Owner: Elliot Gonzalezowns this group. Elliot Gonzalez
Date Created: 9/10/2010
City: Goodyear
Description: Instant Cash Sweepstakes was created by a small band of Web 2.0 visionaries (maybe we are a little bit full of ourselves) who are building a new kind of market research site. We figured that our success could best be reached by paying it forward. After all, everybody likes free money. How about you?
Instant Cash Sweepstakes.
Every day, thousands of surveys are completed, and hundreds of dollars are split and pumped into each active user. One lucky user receives a grand-prize of $50.00 USD.

This site runs off of the money created through the completion of surveys by it’s users. Surveys such as, “How do you like your ground beef?”, “Opinions on travel.”, and various questions about your work, martial status, age, and lifestyle. Each survey takes less than twenty to thirty seconds to complete, and the amount of surveys start at five for every three hours. Upon completion of each survey, the user is rewarded with two of three things:

•A set amount of cash. (Usually $.01 to $.05 USD.) and coins. or
•A set amount of raffle tickets and coins.
The cash is self explanatory. It goes into a fund until you reach the payout limit of $2.00 USD. Tickets are used by the site, and are put into a large raffle with everyone who has completed a survey that day. The raffle is for $50.00 on normal days, and $100.00 on the final day of every month. Coins are used to purchase more raffle tickets. At around 8:00 PM Eastern Time, all the raffle tickets owned by the users are compiled, and a winner is chosen. Payouts are by PayPal only, and are limited to the USA.

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