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Wilson Cowden
Visibility: Public
Type: Internet
Owner: Wilson Cowdenowns this group. Wilson Cowden
Date Created: 11/7/2009
City: Newry
Address: 39 Kilkeel Road
Phone: 02843768202
Description: * Unlimited Domain Reseller Hosting: This allows you to not only host an unlimited number of domains on just one hosting account but it also gives you the opportunity to sell hosting space giving you up to 50% commissions on those people directly sponsored by you and also make a residual of their monthly payment as long as they stay active and if that wasn’t enough we will provide you with 60+ hours of live training per month so you will know exactly what to do in order to sell the services provided by the company.
* Complete Video Marketing System: That allows you to create and host marketing, training and/or promotional videos along with all the tools to make it happen for you, making it your complete web video producing system. Audio and video recording system lets you get your videos live to your website in minutes.This system is included with your GVO Hosting account.
* Unlimited Auto responder System: The benefit of having a GVO Hosting account is that you get an unlimited mailing responder system.
* Lead Capture and Prospecting System: With your GVO Hosting account you not only have a lead capture autoresponder system but you also get an unlimited bulk mailing software that allows you to complete all the tasks that you would with any other regular autoresponder software like aweber, getresponse or iContact and what that means to you is one less payment and one less account to manage.
* Conferencing System: As an online marketer you know how important it is to have tools that allow you to do online conferences. GVO Conferencing System is for the online professional who regularly conducts online meetings, trainings, sales trainings, online virtual support or any other use you may think of and best of all it is included with your GVO Hosting.
* Downtime Witness: When your income depends upon your website being up and running at all times, downtime means money lost, and although no one can guarantee 100% uptime the best thing after that would be to know when your website is down to react promptly and reduce the downtime. GVO Downtime Witness is our monitoring software that lets you know of possible downtime and what other competitors are up to. It’s a virtual insurance policy for your web site and it also comes free with your GVO Hosting account.

If to all this you add the commission payout structure for those involved with the affiliate reseller (network marketing) program you will have a combination that’s both hard to find a

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