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Biggest Mistakes Internet Marketers do.


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Biggest Mistakes Internet Marketers do.
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Type: Advertising
Owner: Juri Hassowns this group. Juri Hass
Date Created: 10/19/2009
City: Narva-Jõesuu
Description: Hi, folks,

Well, I have membership site with thousands of members, most of them are Affiliates. I have seen successful members but it is sad, that most are not successful, because they make mistakes, that are crucial to them.

Here's my list of main mistakes Affiliates do(You are welcome to add more):

1. Letting the greed control You - most newbie affiliates wanna earn money as soon as possible and as easy as possible!!! Dear Affiliates, calm down. If You are new to making money as Affiliate, Your head must be clear. You must take Your time and learn, go step by step and collect experience. Learn from others (here is very good place to learn btw.).

2. Trying to sell products that You don't know about - best way to sell is to show Your customer, how to use this product, how did You have success by using tips from that or another publisher. Did it work for You ... so on. What will they really get. Is it safe to buy it online. Can they get their money back? How?

3. Using anonymous ID - I will NEVER buy from anonymous people. Why are You afraid to leave You REAL NAME and contact information like e-mail and phone number? If You are hiding Your ID, then I think You are selling crap.

4. Stealing content to market Your WEB-site or Affiliate link! Don't do this! Write Your own Articles and reviews. If You don't know how to write, LEARN!!! There are lots of good examples out there. Just do some search in search engines, read it, feel it (did You belie that author? If not, find another until You will find an Article, that feels honest for You ). Write Honest Articles, reviews ... content. It looks hard, but if You have written some already, You start to like it :)

Well, I think that's all for now. Hope You will take those tips seriously.

What You think? You are welcome to add some more. Discuss working strategies and so on ... Let's make this community worth of our time.

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