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Strategies For Success
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Type: Other
Owner: Lloyd Dobsonowns this group. Lloyd Dobson
Date Created: 9/4/2009
City: Saint Petersburg
Address: Treasure Island
Description: We need to think about what we think about!

Are your daily thoughts predominantly positive or negative? Every thought you have is a real thing, a force. Every thought affects you, and if dwelt on repeatedly creates a 'groove' in the mind. What shows up and what grows in your life is pre-determined by your thoughts. Not a single thought, but how often you have these thoughts and how intense are the emotions those thoughts invoke.

Everything in the physical world has its beginning in thought. Human beings create their experiences in life by their thinking. In fact, you have already created everything that features in your life right now. The life you are currently leading is simply a reflection of your past thinking. The moment you stop to become conscious of your repetitive thoughts you will realize that they are in fact congruent with the life that you have experienced so far.

Our mind has two main functions it comprises two parts; a thinker and a prover. The thinker is extremely flexible, and can think any number of things. The thinker can think the earth is flat; or think the earth is round. It can think all people are poison; or all people are essentially good. The thinker can think that women are intuitive and men are rational; it can think the opposite. It can think that there isn't enough to go round; it can think we live in a world of unlimited abundance. The thinker can think pretty much anything.

The prover is much more predictable: what the thinker thinks, the prover proves. Whatever the thinker is thinking, the prover will sort through their experience for evidence to support that idea. If a person considers themselves to be stupid, the prover will find evidence to show that it's true. If a person thinks they are brilliant, the prover will show that to be true. While it's easy to see that this is the case for everyone else, it's not always so easy to recognize that it's also the case for us. While it's easy to identify the ways in which someone else is limiting themselves, it's more difficult to identify it in ourselves.

The mind can only hold one thought at a time so we should make it a positive and constructive one. The world is a living, dynamic energy system and every thought you have impresses itself upon this system and its effect is felt. We are creating our reality through our thoughts. The same pattern of thinking that has got us to where we are will not necessarily get us to where we want to go.

To your success!

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