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Visibility: Public
Type: Business
Owner: Afm Shajibowns this group. Afm Shajib
Date Created: 2/17/2009
City: Rangpur
Address: New York
Phone: 8801712694000
Description: How can 1 token completely change your life?

Make your borrowed money work for you get yourself a token and deposit it in the system. Tell your family and friends and do it for fun just to get a kick out of it. Do it for fun just 1 month and you'll see this single token will totally changed your life.

What is a token and what can you do with it? Token is a deposited value of $6.00 which through process of Advertising System generates higher value which fluctuate. Cosmopal gives a flat bonus eliminating unexpected fluctuations on that revenue generated through Advertising System. That's why you get out higher value. It takes couple of days to couple of weeks, depending how active you are in the system.

You give a tip to a bellhop or waiter bigger than you'll pay for a token. You have a guarantee for that token, that it will be paid out, you'll see proof in testimonials and comments from life people you can talk to and you probably know them. Check here!

Re List the token 4 times and if you feel better take your $6.00 out and work just with Cosmopal money but keep doing it. We will tell you why! In a single month you can make out of 1 token more than 7 tokens and second month more than 80 tokens and third month more than 900 tokens.

If you have just 60 tokens you can every day re list easy 10 tokens and they'll give you by next payout at least 4 more. System is created to reward people who are working smart and re list their tokens and take out every week part of the money and keep money working for them.

Euphoria took by storm several Countries with token deposits, it's spreading very fast, Members are trilled with results see for yourself! Everyone can afford 1 token, but no one can not afford a token. You probably tried many stupid things in your life and it didn't work out, but can you afford to miss this opportunity where you have more than hundred postings with proofs of payments, how system works, what people are doing and how much they make in certain time frames.

You should get for yourself one Cosmopal token! Processor (staff) will guarantee you the payout for this 1 token, why wouldn't they it's only $8.55 to pay out. You will pay only $6.00 for the token. You can make in a month from $6.00 over $50.00, in second month over $700.00 and in third month over $8,000. It's Advertising but you don't need to chase Advertisers or Publishers, you just deposit a token and let it work.

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