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Type: Advertising
Owner: Crystal Richardsowns this group. Crystal Richards
Date Created: 1/18/2009
City: Mesa
Description: Did you know that millions of people everyday give away free money? Why? Like myself, I have given away thousands in about 2 years time,thousands.

They say a good business cost money.
They say it takes money to make money.
They say FREE to.......FREE to......
They say They say They say

All those "They say", can't deliver.

Through looking at different businesses,and giving my hard earned money away,I ran across a ad,"F5M Millionaires-Club"and I said,"Nope you wont get me,sucker." I moved on.

As I searched and re-searched,I ran across that same ad,"F5M Millionaires-Club",but this time I saw something different. Like reading a scripture in the Bible. When you read that same scripture over and over,you get a different meaning and understanding. Same thing with that ad, F5M Millionaires-Club, I saw something different. So I got in.
Still not fully understanding how it was suppose to work until I got a hold of my sponcer. I was told to make a conference meeting. It was at that point that I got a full grasp of what they were doing.

By the way most of these so called businesses pay once a month. Now you've been spending your money advertizing,you may have even used free advertizing and you get paid once a month,what a joke. Not even your everyday job waits to pay you once a month,unless you just started and thye hold your first paycheck,and even then not all of them do. So when your working hard in Your Business doing really good why should you have to wait to get paid.
Let me tell you,this F5M Millionaires-Club pays out daily on a regular basis and have beendoing so for over 15 years.

I invite you to take a look for yourself,as you may be like I was, come in and read the free report.

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