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John Priestley
This is a forum dedicated to sharing ideas and services to promote your opportunity that don't cost you anything - not a penny - zilch - the good, the bad and the ugly. Share and share alike... Please only post comments on really FREE products and services and then say why they are so good. Why should we use them? No pure advertising! It is best to submit your text in English so that the majority of the members can understand it. Have a grand day and write soon. Be safe and stay healthy.
1/29/2021 2:36:53 AM
Cfcarter 1
The Savvy Cord Cutter Spot is an open forum where you can post your experiences with cutting the cord to cable tv. Post what works as a replacement for cable TV and how it helped you saved money each month. If the experience wasn't worth it, well we'd like to hear about it. Stay respectful and have fun along the way!
6/27/2019 1:41:56 PM
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