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3/25/2008 4:06:31 PM
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What people are saying

I checked out the ingredients of the new enRgy Product and found nothing in it that was harmful and none of the things that have usually made me feel "edgy" or bad.  I tried one capsule and noted at the end of the day I had not eaten anything; I just forgot to eat because I was not hungry.  One capsule a day works great for me and I will be able to recommend this to my patients as I see nothing that might elevate blood pressures or cause problems for anyone.  It worked great in the first Capsule!

Johnnie W. Strickland Jr. MD
Family Practice Physician, AAFP, FAAFP

I was raised by "health conscious" parents and have always been reluctant to take anything that wasn't completely natural. Although I am very active, love to exercise, and have never had a serious weight problem, I love to eat. My weight has been creeping up a little every year. I'm 6'4" and a few weeks ago, 252 lbs. I think most people would describe me as athletic, but I was feeling heavy and more tired than I should. In addition, my knees were beginning to ache while exercising, and I realized that I had to lose some weight, but nothing I did seemed to help. On top of that, I am a CPA and was just entering an extremely busy and stressful 2008 tax season – not a good time to try to lose weight. Then my wife introduced me to a new, all natural weight loss pill, and told me it would give me energy to carry me through my long days (and very short nights!). Energy was the key word that sold me. I tried the enRgy pill and was sold on it the first day. I've already lost 14 lbs (down to 238) in just a few short weeks, and I have great reserves of energy (and focus) to carry me through what would otherwise be, afternoons and evenings of battling fatigue. I love it!

John Eckle
Vacaville, CA

This Product is Fantastic. I tested it personally. I lost 6 pounds in 4 days without suffering! IT turned off my Hunger switch, I had More Focus, It Enhanced my Mood, I had Tons.. I Mean TONS of Energy without the Jitters or Crashing! This Product is all Natural!! I gave samples out to friends, and they were banging down my door for More!! Thank GOD GBG is Launching this Now!! I was getting sick of my friends bugging me for more of these pills!!!! This is the REAL DEAL!!!

Brad Aspin

I tried the GBG enRgy and I was amazed that I felt a difference in a couple hours.  I take it around 10:30 am .  I did not get hungry for lunch or supper.  I found myself thinking that it is time to eat but I don't feel like it.  When I did eat, I ate about half what I usually would eat.  I also had energy all day .  I lost around 5 pounds in the first week.  I am excited about enRgy and what it does for me!

Steve Marvin


“My wife first tried the new GBG enRgy product before she really knew what to expect. I was away from the house for the day and when I came home, I asked her what she thought of it. She said that at first she wasn’t sure if she was feeling anything, but that somehow by the end of the day, the house ended up REALLY CLEAN! Now we both love GBG enRgy. It raises our energy levels, elevates our moods, increases our mental clarity, and reduces our appetites; and all with NO SIDE EFFECTS! What’s not to love?!”

Michael and Karen Kahn
Chico, CA


This is awesome!  You all know how I am constantly on the phone sharing my GBG business to others and that means no exercise but I have lost 9 lbs in 11 days and any desire for food is GONE ! I force myself to eat, my meals turned into to healthy snacks of four bits every two hours, it's hard to believe it's all natural .
NO MORE counting calories YIPPEE ! ! !

Sharron Johnson

My husband Dennis first used the enRgy product during a week when he happened to be working on the third shift. When you are used to working during the day and suddenly switch to nights, it is sometimes difficult to be alert during the night. Dennis said that taking enRgy before he went to work each evening helped him to stay alert all night. He also noticed that he was not nearly as hungry as usual. We are loving enRgy!

Linda and Dennis Miller


My first day on the enRgy product, I immediately noticed a loss of appetite and sugar cravings. The next day I didn't take enRgy and my appetite was back.  I also started to experience cravings again. To say the least, I am now back on the enRgy product.  My goal is to lose 30 lbs. and I am confident that enRgy will play a big roll in me reaching my goal.  

F.J Neal
Washington, DC 

Wow! I can now think as clearly as I used to when I was a teenager! What an amazing product! GBG's EnRgy really makes me get up and go! This product has doubled my productivity!


Aziz Jangbar

I love the new enRgy product! I don't even have to lose weight but could not believe how my energy has been. I put in at least 12 hours everyday working my business and for a 66 year young person that is a lot! I have noticed that my clarity has been really good and yes it does curb my appetite! I have noticed that I don't want to snack near as much and I did lose 4 lbs! I can hardly wait to start giving out samples of this fantastic product!

Richard Trotter


"In one word WOW! GBG enRgy gave us the energy and "umph" that we so yearned for and with no "crashes"...and if this was not enough we lost weight too! Please DO NOT try any other energy pill, supplement or drink until you have tried GBG enRgy!

Aaron and Shara
South Florida "

I started to notice a difference in my energy level within 30 minutes of taking enRgy. It made me want to get things done right away. I truly believe that because my appetite had become less hearty than usual, I lost weight. Although I didn't weigh myself before taking enRgy, I noticed that my clothes were fitting more loosely - in just 2 days! Thank God for enRgy!

Simone Webster
Atlanta Georgia.


WOW! Talk about a FEEL GOOD! GBG EnRgy!  It’s for me! I tell my prospects to take 1 or 2 capsules, and call me back in 1 hour. Almost every one calls me back and wants to know more. Lose Weight and Feel Great!

Steve Durfee

When I was asked to Try GBG's new enRgy product I was completely amazed with its results. I was able to maintain a day-long consistent energy level with a clear mind. I also was able to lose 4 lbs in just 8 days without really changing my eating habits. Thank you GBG for producing such high quality products that people get results with.

Rich Turschmann
Peoria AZ


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