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Blog Blasting is not ethical ...
3/22/2008 2:16:59 PM
Today's topic is Blog blasting is not ethical. This is pretty much a no brainer when you thing of it in this fasion.

A person has a blog and allows you to comment on it. This is the same as inviting you into their home. You go and post a comment that is no way related to the topic of the blog. This is like you going into your friend's home and repainting the house your way.

An example of this potpourri of blogs could be topics of Christian Science to red velvit cake repice to ballet lessons of your child to perils of Hillary Clinton to roller blading to care of snakes to survival of desert camping. You blast your comment (ad) about making a 10 figure income in 6 hours on the web. What does your ?comment? have to do with any of the topics you just blasted? Nothing. NADA. It's completely rude, shows you as self centered and don't care for others. It shows you only are looking for a sale no matter what.

I can see where newbies would be drawn to this tactic since they are still learning about internet business. But veterans have seen enough posts, comments, etc. to know not to post off-topic comments.

A blog really is no different than a forum. It has a writer's topic and, if allowed, you can participate in a discussion of that topic.

So choose to build yourself and your business ethically if you really want to see sales. It's all about trust in you whether you will make a sale or not.

Happy Easter to all of you.

Kenneth R Sword Jr

Henry Kamalu

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Re: Blog Blasting is not ethical ...
3/22/2008 2:19:12 PM

to some it's bad you just got to know how to do it

Nan Herring

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Re: Blog Blasting is not ethical ...
3/22/2008 2:53:10 PM
You have to sell you first. You really have to
consider your own reputation and values. Another issue to consider is "would I want someone to do this to me". Be thoughtful, honest and blog on topic.
Comment in person and always make sure it is NOT an ad.
Rudy Hiebert(rudyhiebert.myamsoil.c

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Re: Blog Blasting is not ethical ...
3/22/2008 3:28:29 PM
Some blogs are unetical blasting magnets.  Forums are quite different than blogs, in that  there are a variety of subjects and topics to interact with particpants that focus on those threads. There are some threads in some forums here at AdlandPro that created with the mask of a blog but are really email spam blasts, which are most unwelcome. Mind you, pulling the plug on any undesirable blog/forum is always an option.
Joe Downing

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Re: Blog Blasting is not ethical ...
3/22/2008 5:51:32 PM
Hey Kenneth,

Good to hear from you.  It has been a while.

I believe that most of the blog blasting that I get are people who intentionally want to be annoying.  They sometimes blast with non-existent URLs, just to break the flow of thoughts.  I have even received them in my STATS section.  What!?!?  But, the way I look at it is this:  anyone who has any sense about them will take a closer look at that person who blasted and realize how rude and unprofessional they are.  And... not do business with them.  But, I usually send them a private message telling them how disappointed I am for the improper post or comment.  Some will apolgize and say they didn't know.  Oh well... It is like telemarketing... I still get some, but the best way to get off their list is to tell them that you have something even more important than what they got... start giving them the same old message.  They'll hang up or apologize and remove you from their call list.  Plus, it just feels good practicing on PROs.  LOL!!!!  Just have fun with it all!

Well, that is my 0.02 worth.

Happy Easter!


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