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Nutrition with Fibromyalgia and much more
3/12/2008 11:15:30 AM

For the people who have Fibomyalgia do turn to usual and unusual treatments in hopes of curbing,reducing, and eventually eliminating the illness. Keep in mind I only report information as a consumer whose wife has had Fibro for short for twelve years now.I do not advocate one way or another. I do know that Fibro is aggrevated by caffeine,sugar, fried foods, alcohol, red meat, highly precessed foods. These foods actually irritate the muscles and stress the immune system. It is hard to give up some of these items, but we found out it is necessary, she felt better without them in her diet. We eliminated one or two of those items a week and substituting it with something else she loved equally as well. Remember no two people are alike so it may affect you differently.

The Vegan diet is used by some Fibro folks. Its the elimination of all animal products. Any drastic dietary changes you should contact your physician before starting. There are dietary supplements that are needed. Some people say they have had positive results from this diet We eat red meat that is low in fat, fish and poultry. There are theories that fish oil, turmeric, ginger helps with the pain and improves the quality of sleep. Its was worth a try and we did not seeing any difference. Fruits eaten raw or cooked to reduced the sugar content is good, Green apples have malic acid and studies are trying to proven it increases energy production. No matter what alternative nutrition you use I say if you believe and it helps, with you physicians okay, why not.One of our best form of treatment didn't come in the form of a pill. It came to us one day. A new man in her life which we call Puppy. It gives her a reason to get up and move around . Pet therapy is wonderful for both of us.

 Whatever you both decide is the best course of treatment, remember its your lives and you have to live it. If one thing doesn't workout after a reasonable period of time speak up. The treatment effects both of you. The longer you have Fibro the more you feel mentally/physically, depressed,ashamed.If both of you have invested time and energy as a team, you can live as a team.Tell her not to be ashamed of the memory problems, fatigue, The important thing is that we are managing Fibro. We use our scrapbooks as her memory books. I use our meal time as a way to stimulate her memory. We use Puppy for the laugh of the day. We use our rituals to make our love stronger. Yes we even use Fibro, that silent chronic giant as a way of reminding us our marriage is worth fighting for.

 Is there any other treatments you are using successfully? Would you use a Chiropractor or Acupuncturist? What about a massage therapist? Can Botax help?

Frank Eckert, Thank you for reading my articles





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