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Fibromyalgia Common Treatments for this Uncommon Illness
3/11/2008 10:43:27 PM

Fibromyalgia is a destructive disease that takes more and more of you.The illness itself is more common in women by 40:1. There are children and men who also have this illness.It is a nondiscrimitory illness it crosses all lines of wealth, race,and age. No two people react to the symptomology the same way. You will start to call it the silent giant by the way you feel. This disease you don't see but you certainly feel. For my wife she has had Fibro for short for the last twelve years. For her the pain is and can be throbbing,burning while at rest or with repetitive movement. The opiod medication taken on a regular basis helps. A muscle relaxant helps as well. These medications should be prescribed by a pain specialist. Sometimes all the drugs in the world will not help. She then tries to be relieved by a shower. Also if is burning using a cold pack at that perticular site helps.Changing positions and getting up and moving does help.

Pain is aggrevated by cold, humid weather, non restorative sleep, anxiety, stress mental/physical fatigue. The fatigue just  drains you of all your energy, every drop.Then you become reluctant to engage in any activity, for fear of pain.That only leads to decreased stamina and deconditioning. You do need exercise, but not load bearing exercise.Walking, stationary bike and walking in the pool are good exercise.Jogging,aerobics, basketball at not

Sleeping problems can be addressed by the pain specialist and again with medication. It is impotant to get to sleep and stay asleep for restorative sleep.

The emotional roller coaster can be controlled with the help of a Psychiatrist. Don't be ashamed it helps those emotions and it makes you much easier to live with. Anxiety and stress go along with the depression. It creates alot of liabilty in dealing with what we have grown to call the ten evils.They are depression, marital difficulties, vocational difficulties, chemical dependency, social withdrawl, personality changes, increased fatigue, sleep disorder, inappropriate beliefs, and feelings of helplessness.

Fibo fog is defined as the pain that monopolizes your attention, leading to a lack of focus regarding the task at hand. A good memory is important to all of us, with Fibro you need to focus on one task only at a time

Tension Headaches and migraines are also common. Utilize a Neurologist to help you get on medication that prevents migraines and perscribe medication for the occasional migraine.

Bowel and bladder problem is nobodys favorite subject until you end up in the hospital for something you could have prevented. Drink alot of water and use a stool softner and/or prune juice, the opiates make you constipated.

Restless Leg Syndrome is bothersome especially at night. Again communication is the key with you pain specialist

Physical Therapy can and does help some people. Never stop trying to make yourself feel better.

The purpose of this article is not to tell you that there is a pill for every problem.I am just sharing what I know as a consumer.You are not alone. Your symptoms may be different yet somehow the same, Work with your partner to find a treatment of love, communication, and sharing. A Treatment of togetherness, A treatment of friendship. A treament of hope.I believe, truly believe, there may not be a solution today or tommorow but there will be one. I will continue to work with my spouse to give back what I can to make her life easier. The vows we took didn't say till Fibro do us part.

She says she is the luckiest person alive, because most husbands would have been gone twelve years ago.That's when that silent giant crept into her body. I tell her everyday  that I'm the luckiest person, 40 years ago when she said she would marry me. I think I got the better part of the deal.

Frank Eckert Thank you for reading my articles.




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