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Ten Things you Need to Know about Fibromyalgia and More
3/9/2008 9:33:51 AM

Fibromyagia is the one of the misunderstood chronic illness of widespread pain. My wife has had Fibro for short, for over 12 years now. It is a unseen chronic muscular pain that come upon you without notice in your 20's or 30's. There is little proven facts on how this unwelcomed giant gets into your body, but they are trying to figure it out. Many physician don't know about the disease or don't wan't to know. They either think its all in your head.  You, as a patient are so much trouble writing prescriptions that they have to justify to the F.D.A (Food and Drug Administration) regarding usage, or you will become an addict. Fibro affects men and children but mostly women 20 to 1.

The pain is one the most difficult symptom to deal with. It's not from the joints, that would be arthritis. This is pain most evident while you are at rest. Even more so when when you are using your muscles for repetitive activites. You now have to be happy playing board games with the grandchildren, verses going to the park.

For my wife the diagnosis twelve years ago was a long and arduous process, since so few knew about the disease. The symptoms mimic so many others, they take you through what seems like endless blood tests, Xrays, MRIs and even psychiatrists. I was lucky to find a young MD who had read an article on Fibromyalgia, He decided to check out her classic characteristics and that's how she got diagnosed.

The way they diagnose people are complaints of widespread pain for more than three months on all four quadrants of the body and having pain at 11 out of 18 tenderpoints. A tenderpoint is a specific spot on your body when pressure is applies by the thumb for example, there is an immediate sensation of pain.

Along with pain comes a multitude of other symptoms that make that persons life even more difficult. They are in addition to the that is invisable and widespread profound pain, is continual fatigue, sleep disturbance,restless leg syndrome. Also headaches to chronic migraines, impaired memory(both short term & long term)and concentration(commonly called the Fibro fog). Skin sensativities with rashes, dry mouth and eyes. Plus anxiety, depression, dizziness, vision  and coordiantion problems  to name just a few.

I will go into detail of most of these symptoms and how it affects the people around us as well as what we can do to help the Fibro person in another article.

This condition cost you and your family emotionally,financially, physically, psychologically. Try not to let pain monopoloze your focus. We, yes I said we, because we are both in this together.We are reluctant to plan too far ahead due to the illness and how she will feel. But we still have a life with a loving wife together.

I will continue this series discussing a variety these symptoms and how it has affected us. It will certainly not be all clinical . It's a way for us to tell the world, we are still here and still fighting, together.

Don't be reluctant to ask questions about me , my wife and Fibromyalgia. We need to open this up for discussion. We need people to know about this silent giant of chronic pain. I welcome any and all questions.

Frank Eckert, Thank you for reading my article


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