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Get the Best Oxygen and Alkaline that your body needs
3/6/2008 5:23:45 PM
Hello Healthy People and Those who need Better Health

  Several different news shows have done recent episodes on the importance of alkalizing your body.
Some even believe that an acidic body can be traced to most of the diseases that many suffer from.
According to Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, in his 1991 book, ALKALIZE or Die, the impact of Acidosis on
our bodies includes, but is not limited to, problems with the heart, pancreas, lymph glands,
kidneys and colons. According to Dr. Ederlein's research, total healing of a chronic illness
only takes place when and if the blood is restored to a normal, slightly alkaline pH.
  I've started taking and marketing two products, O2 Basic and PH Basic. One alkalizes your body and
one adds oxygen to it. If you wouldn't mind could you please register for the tour at my website below,
and then click on the product button to learn more. I'm on a mission to help 100 people
become healthier this year and have more money to do so. alkalizing your body is the first step!  
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Most of my Income and Traffic sources are located on my page which I change very often. [ ]Have A Great DayRon W.
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Re: Get the Best Oxygen and Alkaline that your body needs
3/6/2008 11:32:17 PM
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