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10 Things I Would lLke To Do if Time and Money Were No Object.
3/4/2008 3:56:47 PM

This takes a little thinking today. I have been dreaming about these thing for years. It seems my list just keeps getting longer. As you read through my list. I know it doesn't compare to yours.

1. Visit all the grand cathedrals,mosques, and temples.I must admit this would take a long time and at my age I'm not sure I could complete this task. So on to number two.

2.Skydiving off the Eifel tower, free falling or hang gliding. That's my adventurous side coming out. I must admit I did do the budgy cord jump about ten years ago, what a hoot.

3.To hear a year's worth of the Philharmonic, ballet, and opera. Oh, I love them so. I do take my five year old grandchild and she does have a real love of the ballet now.

4. Ballroom dancing. With my two left feet I am not what they call a dancer. Thank goodness in the 60's, anything went.

5.On the Beach on a secluded island watching the sun come upOn one side of me my cherised wife and my other hand with a glass of bubbly to welcome in another day that we are together.

6.Creative Plays.This is making the grandchildren their own clubhouse that they have moved to two houses now and wouldn't think of giving it up. What a tribute and they don't even know it.

7. Go to the stock exchange bar and discuss our points of views.

8.Nascar or any fast car racing on a legal track.

9. Join a nudist camp. Surprised you there.

10. Remember to be yourself. When you turn 50 and look back , if you only have positive memories, I consider myself blessed.

You never really know what your potential is so keep climbing until you reach it. Give our grandchildren the wonder why they need to grow and blossom. We are empowered physically, mentally, and spiritually to help them along the way.

I challange all of you to think of your ten things that you want to do.I know you can do it. I am looking for a surprize or two.

Frank Eckert


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Re: 10 Things I Would lLke To Do if Time and Money Were No Object.
3/8/2008 1:13:06 PM

Hi Frank,

I don't know if I can break my list into 10 things, but I would:

1)  Give sizeable assistance to various USA organizations to fight hunger and homelessness

2)  Travel everywhere and stay for at least 6 months, then decide whether to build a house for future visits

3)  Take all financial worries away from my family

4) Buy a sailboat, hire a crew and go barefoot sailing around the world

5)  Have a farm and all the critters that go with it

6)  Become a professional student

Well, that's a start, anyway  :-)




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