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Ten Things I Learned From a Holstein Cow
3/3/2008 10:00:33 AM

By now you think I'm hooked on cow's but animals can tell us so much, if we only look and listen. Now let's take the regular ordinary cow, they can teach us many things. You will be surprised at how much.

1.Focused-They walk with intent, know where and what their doing and rarely get distracted.

2.Speech-When they speak everyone in their group listens.

 3.Management-They know how to manage and conserve energy.

4.Productive-They produce a product continously it's an employer's dream, never demanding.

 5.Simplistic-They can be happy all day chewing their cud.

 6.Conserve energy-They don't worry about their figure not vain, and if they choose to just lay there, so be it.

7.Slight Edge?-They get 99% results from 1% effort.

8.Relationship Builder-Enjoys being part of the group, works together cohesivly.

 9. Time Mangement-No procrastination,disorganization,they know their purpose for every activity from birth on.

10. Its the journey that's important not the destination.

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