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Ten Things in Life About Meets The Modern Age
3/1/2008 3:56:38 PM
This is an interesting question so for artistic sake I will use the modern age, just to cover the telephone. Everywhere I go I see people on the telephone. I'm not so sure of what's so important that it can't wait until you get home.Before I start getting hate mail I know there a hundred good uses for the telephones. Today we are going to cover one of its uses. 1.The Red is a direct and self contained personality. 2.The blue is a open and direct personality. 3.The green is indirect and self contained personality.. 4.The yellow is open and indirect personality. 5.Indirect is when a person is assertive and they assume in seconds that their interests are not being met "Show me the Money" 6.Self Contained give a clear no nonsence explanation. If you ask a question (s)he will most likely talk over you, on why you have interupted his time/life/schedule. Your are the boxing bag for that moment.Then take a breath and asks for more information . Greens can NEVER have enough information. 7.Direct person is to the point, asks a few questions but if you ask 10 questions you will only get one answer. 8.Open person is usually free with their information and alot of the times will give far more the you asked for. Keep in mind Yellow the nurterer and Blues the life of the party are open it will give you a cleared understanding. 8,Can we change due to circumstances in our life? The answer is yes. That's what makes us human beings. A red will hate every minute at the wedding and thinking about all he has to do at work, but for that time he can be a little blue. 9. As far as I know, and believe me I'm no expert. We have a large percentage of one color and little bit of another. Its most unlikely to be tricolored. 10. If you want to change something you don't like, do it slowly, set your personal goal and a goal for work, visualize, read it daily. I've seen mountains of pain disappear that way. On a lighter note, thank for your suggestions I read them and I will have a them done shortly Frank E http;//www.Adlandpro

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