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Getting to know the Yellow Personality
2/28/2008 5:58:54 PM
Colors can be like behavioral analysis. For this exercise I will chose to use the information geared toward the sales and marketing field. This may help you "read them" and hopefully increase your knowledge. We can find the population categorized as one thing or anther but that is rather simplistic. Think about how we grew up, the parents we had, the schools, the rules, all helped to mold us.Yes we can change or appear to change in a group such as police, gangs, etc.This information should help you indentify the color, their ability to listen, strengths and weakness. Look at how their dressed, their job, clues in their office. Its all there if you take the time to look. 1.The family comes first, they have a warm smile, soft and gentle voice and handshake. 2.Their professions are nurses, teachers, vets, daycare workers and when not dressed in a uniform they dress casually. 3. The dislikes are: pushy people, aggressiveness, bullies, animal cruelty, change is hard as long as it is not sudden 4.The likes are:their job, friends, which are usually lifetime friends, likes to shop for others before they will shop for themselves. They make shopping an event 5. The strengths are: good listeners,easy going, team players and want the whole team to make money, supportive, patient,nurturer. 6.The weakness:take things personally, overly sensitive,believe other peoples excuses, usually say no to an opportunity. 7.Their offices will have a picture of a landscape or ocean scene. 8.Build a relationship always, never expect to close now. Talk about the family. Let them feel togetherness with you ask how they can help you. They are very strong on relationships 8a. Focus on their strengths. 9.They are creative, analytical and the best listeners. Never under estimate them. They can be your be your best team players and easy to get along with. 10. Once they believe they can do it, watch out that logical, analytical creative team player may be your best asset. The next thread will be about the color Green. Frank Eckert http://www.adlandpro
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Re: Getting to know the Yellow Personality
2/29/2008 9:53:54 AM

Hi Frank,

Gosh, thought I was green, but I see lots more of this description as me. 

-Team minded

-dislike pushy and bully types

-so isn't shopping an event  for everyone?  tehehehhh

-I believe everyone and dislike those who abuse that part of my personality.

Still seeing some of that green showing through tho.

Thanks for the good info. as I am eating this up.(that's the analytical peeking through).


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