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Just joined forum and need to ask question?
2/13/2008 12:41:54 PM

I have a question for every member of this forum.  Please reply as soon as you receive this post as I need to know if you personally have heard about the product StemEnhance?  This product is produced by Stemtech, and has been hailed by CNN as  generally the most significant health related discovery in 25 years!   Just a simple yes or no will suffice because I do not want to waste your time.  Thank You!  Gordy Wellman

I apologise if my Web-site appears in this post because I have observed that some forums do not allow ads.  However I do not know how to remove the one that probably appears in this post,  I am just to new to Adland Pro navigation!

HOWEVER  The National Institute of Health published an Appendix listing 97 Health Issues that are benefitted by utilizing our own adult stem cells from our own bone marrow.  Stem Tech has the only Patented product StemEnhance that releases 3.5 million adult stem cells from our own bone marrow within one hour of taking just one dose (2 capsules)

WHAT CAN YOUR OWN STEM CELLS DO FOR YOU? The most signifigant health related discovery in the last 25 years. CNN Rebuild, Rejuvenate, and Renew your body with StemEnhance Click on: Lea

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