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On Line Scams
2/3/2008 2:48:31 PM

I can never understand why good honest working folk's keep allowing themselves to be scammed out of their hard earned money.

I'm always seeing these programs make $3,000 week etc, and it costs $3,000 to join and then you get nothing back for the money you spent.

I was recently considering joining one of these programs and I registered and it wasn't long before I got e-mails that so many affiliates had joined under me and then e-mails "You Just Lost $3,000" because certaine affiliates Upgraded ahead of me and spent $3,000.

I contacted the company, surprise, surprise, No Reply.

I asked for my e-mail to be removed 8 times and i'm still getting e-mails (not a good sign)

I went to GOOGLE and this company is splattered all over Google that the company is a Scam, (doesn't reply to e-mails, doesn't provide you with ANYTHING) in return for your $3,000.

What is wrong with people?

How much do people have to lose before they LEARN!

Do you D/D folks and SAVE YOUR MONEY!

If you want a "No Cost" opportunity that works then I invite you to contact me.

There's no need to spend $1,000's of your hard earned money

Chris Evans (Former Police Officer in 2 Countries)


Re: On Line Scams
12/24/2008 11:11:05 PM
Chris: Please read my story, Beware before you dive When I joined Helium more than one year ago (2006), I read the agreement that whenever a reader reads any one of my articles, I would receive one cent. I have so far put up 104 articles and earned $15.42. But two months ago, Helium suddenly introduced a new rule, without the agreement from its writers, that only the writers who are awarded a star was allowed to continue receiving the one cent when a readers read their article. This was most unfair as from then on, Helium does not have to pay us anything. I would like to hear form others who are also writing for By introducing the Star Grading System, Helium does not have to pay a single cent anymore. Why should they? The Stars are in their hand. Who is there to confirm that a certain person reaches that Star Level? Two of Helium representatives shamelessly wrote to me saying that the agreement I accepted more than a year ago clearly stated that Helium had the right to alter the rules later on. It was correct. But what they do not understand is that when the rules are altered, they should benefit the writers and not taking away their benefits. Greed never accepts that it has had enough. This hunger is insatiable. It always hankers for more. Helium’s alteration of the writers’ benefits is a classic example. Sixteen of the people whom I introduced to write for Helium asked me why I was so sure that Helium would eventually pay me when I reach the target of USD $25.00. I had no answer. All these sixteen people were university degree holders. One Japanese engineer told me that by bringing a reader to Helium, we get only one cent and that was the cheapest labour on earth.
Marisol Sosa

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Re: On Line Scams
1/11/2009 2:41:58 PM

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