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Looking for feedback
2/2/2008 8:08:02 PM
My wife and I have been with Adland Pro for three years. During that time I’ve been voted “Networker of the Month”, built networks of as many as 3,400 people in three months and kept records to better understand what worked and what didn’t. However, times have changed and we see the need to dramatically curtail our Adland Pro activities. For one thing, we’ll be dumping our Gold membership, as it has never provided much in the way of sales. We also see a growing lack of response on these smaller business networks and a growing movement to the larger Social Networks and other social media. However, there’s another reason for spending much less time with Adland Pro and that’s to free up some time and money we feel is being wasted, then redirect that time and money into the full time ministry my wife and I have been called to establish. As one of my valued contacts I’ll be sharing my research results. Some of the conclusions would be extremely useful to anyone trying to do business on the Internet. We’ll also share some info on our ministry. I promise you, I won’t be trying to solicit you to join a business in this forum. If you happen to be a spiritually minded person, you should find the info about our new ministry uplifting. Thanks, Leroy & Vonda Grey Skype: Leroy-3CirclesCommunityUSA Phone: 931-442-0800
Leroy & Vonda Grey Freedom & Prosperity Fellowship Email: Yahoo: threecirclescommunity MSN: 3circles SKYPE: Leroy-3CirclesCommunityUSA
Ed Baker

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Re: Looking for feedback
2/2/2008 8:27:32 PM
keep up the god work god bless you. ed
ed baker
Chuck Bartok

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Re: Looking for feedback
2/3/2008 7:23:33 AM
Leroy & Vonda,

I agree that things Change and there are new areas available.

Adland has changed in my opinion also.
I find the NEW ads up front very annoying, but
I understand the need for revenue.

Good luck in your New diction.
You may be interested in pointing your vast group to
Beginners Marketing Class, a three year Dream, to point eager,
new entrepreneuers in the proper direction of STARTING A BUSINESS,
not buying products and thinking they are in Business.

The response has been heartening and the sense of
Community strong. The Forum exploded in Content.

This is not an advertising site, but a RESOURCE Community, utilizing Web 2.0 methods and training..

Stop by, join for FREE grab the FREE resources, visit the Forum and refer.

Heck Shirley says to pay 10% commission to FREE members
for referral upgrades.

She is always so generous..

Good luck.
Hope be aprised of your Ventures

call anytime

Chuck & Shirley Bartok
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