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GBG 10-in-ONE Liquid Multi Formula

GBG MA+ Master Antioxidant

GBG Referral Business Opportunity

The GBG Vitality Team

What makes this Liquid Vitamin so Good?

GBG's remarkable 10-in-One Liquid Formula goes way beyond ordinary multiples to bring you a formula that is designed for today’s bodies… today’s lifestyles. Rather than just provide ingredients that may supplement a nutrient-deficient diet, our novel formulation provides fuel for the entire body -- for more complete health benefits. You get 10 different supplements in superior potencies – all in one, easy-to-swallow, easy-to-absorb and easy-on-the-pocketbook formula. And a savings of $100-$300 or more each month! That’s right. You got it! A savings of $100-$300 each month!
10 of the Most Popular Supplements Average Over $300 Each Month. And Who Wants to Take All These Pills Every Day?

GBG Liquid Multi Formula Gives You the Total of 10 Individual Formulas – All in One Delicious Fast-Absorbing Liquid for ONLY $19.95 !
GBG’s “Body-Ready” Liquid Formula
Gives You Fast, More Assured Health Benefits!
Most dietary formulas come in hard-to-swallow, hard-to-assimilate tablets and capsules that can take hours to be absorbed and assimilated – if at all! In addition, these bulky supplements are usually manufactured with fillers, lubricants, excipients…and even harmful ingredients such as talc and artificial colors! GBG’s 10-in One Liquid Formula comes in an exclusive Liquid Delivery System for superior taste, maximum absorption and more complete assimilation by the body’s cells! Why wait hours for all those pills to start working when you can start to feel the power of GBG’s 10-in-ONE formula within minutes? Hey…life doesn’t wait. Why should you?


What makes MA+ so Unique?

MA+ Is a Breakthrough in Nutritional Science and is Perhaps the Single, Most Important Antioxidiant You Can Take Today!



The Single, Most Important Antioxidant You Simply Can’t Afford to Live Without It!


Your body replaces about 1% of your cells every day. That means 1% of your body is new today and another 1% tomorrow. Think about it, you get a new body every 90 days. It’s not entirely accurate but pretty close. Your skin, your body, your organs, your tissue…your heart… are all constantly in a state of regeneration….or as we age…. Degeneration. And your body is under attack by free radicals all the time.

You are either:

  • Replicating healthy cells and slowing or delaying the aging process, illness and disease, or
  • Replicating unhealthy cells and speeding the aging process, illness and disease.


As the “Master Antioxidant”, MA+ lays down the ultimate foundation to start building a healthy, more youthful body starting today! By delivering a powerful “one-two-punch” in each and every dose, MA+ goes to work quickly to detoxify damaged cells and create new, healthy cells so your body will have the ammunition it needs to fight cellular destruction, boost defense mechanisms and slow the aging process.


The MA+ proprietary whey protein formula is a precursor to Glutathione, a tri-peptide of amino acids. Acting as a “spark” to ignite the Glutathione Antioxidant System (GSH), MA+ can begin it's function to rid the body of toxins and develop new, healthy cells. All degenerative diseases are preceded by a loss of Glutathione.

From the time we are born up unto the age of about 20 years, our bodies produce normal, healthy levels of Glutathione, so our life span looks pretty good during this time in our lives. But gradually, our bodies begin to lose the ability to produce the ultimate protector – Glutathione. At around the age of 60 is when most diseases start to set in. Had we taken care of raising our production of Glutathione early on, our lives could be potentially extended not only in years…but quality as well.


There are thousands of antioxidants in the marketplace today – in the forms of supplements, foods and juices. Although most of these products provide healthy benefits to the body, they most likely are missing GSH - the factor that is most important to raise Glutathione levels to a healthy 90% and above level. In fact, not only is MA+ the single, most important antioxidant you can buy – but it also raises assimilation levels of all other antioxidant-rich foods, juices and other supplements! The result? More bang for your bucks….and more benefits to your body!


GBG’s MA+ contains a proprietary bio-active whey protein isolate, manufactured utilizing an exclusive process that actually keeps the nutritional health-giving benefits intact – in its most “living” form possible. Don’t be fooled! Whey protein comes in all different forms with over 500 grades of protein in the marketplace today. Cheap, inactive “dead” whey proteins are prevalent, but offer no real therapeutic value. GBG’s revolutionary MA+ Drink Complex has the ability to work 200% better than inactive proteins….enabling your cells to detoxify and renew twice as fast…and assimilate nutrients to make cellular activity much stronger. Your body will recognize the difference almost immediately!



To maximize regeneration of cells and slow down the aging process even more effectively, we recommend you combine GBG’s 10-in-ONE LIQUID MULTIVITAMIN AND MINERAL FORMULA with the Master Antioxidant, MA+ !

Just mix 1 scoop of MA+ POWDER into 2 Liquid-Shots of 10-in-ONE LIQUID MULTIVITAMIN AND MINERAL FORMULA  to detox your body at the cellular level, ignite your body’s own antioxidant system and help your body renew and regenerate itself!

It’s your choice! You choose whether those new cells come in stronger or weaker. You choose whether they grow or decay each day from then on. Your cells don’t care which choice you make. They just follow the directions you send.

Don’t wait another day. You’ve never allowed yourself to feel this good…ever!


What is the GBG Referral Business Opportunity?

The GBG Referral Business Opportunity allows you to start your own business for about $30.00 dollars a month. Here's how it works:

1.  Purchase the GBG 10-in-ONE Liquid Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Formula ($19.95 plus shipping and handling of around $10.00 = about $30.00)

2.  Receive a FREE business website from GBG Health and Wellness.  It allows you to send visitors to it so they can read all about the product and then process their order.  When they do, you will be credited with the sale and begin to earn monthly commissions for what they buy (more on that later).

3.  Develop your plan to advertise.  This can be done without a lot of cash, if any, by passing the word out to those you know.  Hence, Referral Business Opportunity

This method will earn you a level of success.  Further growth, will likely require more sophisticated advertising.  This is where the GBG Vitality Team can help you.  Please see our information on the Presidents Club.

4.  For each bottle of GBG 10-in-ONE product you sell each month you will earn $5.00 plus a small percentage commission that varies from 2%-50% of the $5.00.  For each cannister of GBG MA+ product you sell each month you will earn $10.00 plus a small percentage commission that varies from 2%-50% of the $10.00. 

Now keep in mind the true power of Network Marketing when you read this:  For product you sell you will earn the commissions we just spoke about.  BUT, it gets even better.  For every product that is sold by people in your direct network (commonly called your Downline) you will earn 2%-50% as well depending on what level down they are from you.  This works all the way to 10 levels deep!

The entire Pay Plan has been copyrighted by GBG and is truly revolutionary in its fairness and ability to reward those willing to be in a reasonable amount of effort.  Are you ready? 

So, putting it all together the product will cost you about $30 per month, invest another $20-$30 per month in advertising.  Soon, you will generate enough revenue to pay for your vitamins and be in a Profit Zone!  All you need is 6 customers and you're in profit.  Can you market and sell 6 people? 

The products are phenomenal and do everything you've read about on this site.  The decision is yours.  Initial Costs are low. The risks are extremely low. The profit potential is huge!  Join today.

How much money can I expect to make with GBG?

After signing your first 2 customers in the Auto-ship program (with the Free 60 Day Empty Bottle Money-back Guarantee from GBG) you will begin to receive commission checks on a monthly basis. 

For every direct sign-up you will earn a $5.00 Fast Start Bonus, every month they buy!  With 6 customers you will have checks coming every month that will cover your own monthly payment for the 10-in-ONE Liquid Multi Formula. 

You'll then, be in profit mode!  Getting your vitamins "Free", knowing your customers are feeling better and on their way to earning profits too!  What could be better?

How about the rest of the copyrighted payment plan that will pay you commissions on every product you sell plus those sold under you! 

To cut to the chase:  In time, you and your fellow teammates will sign up 326 customers.  It may take awhile to get there, but when you do, your checks will total over $1,325 per month!  That's almost $16,000.00 per year! 

326 customers may seem like alot, but when you consider the power of the team, it's not.  By working together and sharing the work load, the financial reward far outweighs the effort because it won't be only you selling. 

It will be you and all your team mates who sell.  Now, if everyone you sell to decides they like the product but really don't want to sell it does that mean you'll never get rich?  No.  

You're still earning over $5.00 per bottle you sell.  It's not hard math to see that you will earn great money representing a superior product.  We've never believed in Get-Rich Quick schemes and still don't. 

What is the GBG Vitality Team?

The GBG Vitality Team is a group of like minded individuals pooling their resources to advertise the GBG opportunity.

Each person can join the team for FREE and get a referral link on our site. This allows you to refer people that you know to one site that is always fresh with new and valuable Health and Wellness information. 

Then, if you wish you can upgrade to the Presidents Club.

What is the Presidents Club?

The GBG Vitality Team Presidents Club is an important extension of The GBG Vitality Team's collective vision of success.  It is a network marketing support and resource group comprised of Individual Representatives (IR) of the GBG Health and Wellness company.

The Presidents Club offers its members a wealth of resources including marketing materials, strategies, tips, and advice.  A cooperative advertising opportunity is also available for Premier members. 

There are three types of memberships available to any GBG IR, regardless of team affiliation (outlined below).  The GBG Vitality Team seeks to tap the collaborative power of all GBG representatives to drive GBG brand awareness and sales.  By working together, we can all benefit by pooling advertising spend, supporting each others efforts, and by showing a unified front to the nutrition supplement consumer community. 

It doesn't matter if you're in "our" downline.  What does matter is that you're in the "GBG" downline and you'd like to be successful.  The GBG Vitality Team was not created as tool to steal IR's from another team to ours.  First of all, that's not ethical and would violate our IR agreements with GBG.  Second of all, if we don't work together how are we going to help build the GBG brand to hit our goal of 1,000,000 bottles?  Our competition is not within the GBG family.  Together we conquer, divided we fail. 

As GBG rep's we all know the superior quality of the products and the free business website provided by GBG.  Our team website works to complement the overall marketing process by providing consumers with additional information and resources in their quest for improved health and wellness. 

We recognize the importance of attracting customers.  We also recognize the importance of keeping them.  Supplement consumers tend to be extremely loyal to their products.  By combining GBG's Superior Product Quality and Effectiveness, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and Free Business System with a high quality online health and wellness resource we will not only earn their business, but keep it.

So, whether you're already a GBG representative or are considering becoming one please join us.  We know you'll love the products and we look forward to working with you. 

How much is the Presidents Club?

Membership Options and Benefits 

Presidents Club (Free):                                                              Join Now!

  • Usage of innovative GBG Vitality Team Referral System
  • Access to Presidents Club Events Calendar
  • Access to Presidents Briefings (with RSS Feeds!)
  • Presidents Club State of the Team Reports
  • Health and Wellness Industry Bulletins

Presidents Club Select ($5.00 per Month*):                          Join Now!

  • All Presidents Club Benefits, plus:
  • Your very own Email Account! (Make contact with all your prospects with a professional address that will enable YOU to take advantage of the GBG Vitality brand! Let everyone know your serious about your business and the quality of your products and services)
  • Your very own, personal, customizable web page with autoresponder! (Now you can truly tap into the awesome follow-up power of email marketing) 
  • Access to Members Only Area of the Presidents Club Website
  • Access to Members Only Area Discussion Forums - Learn from Industry Pro's, Exchange Ideas and more!
  • Access to Masters Programs Workshops (No additional fees required)
  • Access to self-service Marketing Materials (Download and print your own -Available in January 2008)
  • Access to Low Cost Marketing and Promotion Items (Available in January 2008)

Presidents Club Premier ($20.00 per Month*):                   Join Now!

  • All Presidents Club and Presidents Club Select Benefits, plus:
  • Access to exclusive Presidents Club Premier Cooperative Advertising Marketing System - $15.00 of EVERY membership is put right back into targeted advertising for the GBG Vitality Team website, to maximize results for the Premier Maximum Profit Rotator System. The other $5.00 is used to cover expenses associated with the select benefits. (See Presidents Club Select Benefits)
  • Access to exclusive Premier Maximum Profit Rotator System (When the traffic arrives and a consumer goes to make their purchase decision they will be presented with the GBG Order Now page for the next Presidents Club Premier member on our exclusive and powerful rotator. If they buy, congratulations YOU just made a sale. Massive, targeted advertising will drive thousands of consumers to consider us.  With your Presidents Club Premier membership you'll be ready to take the sale 24/7!)
  • Benefit from GBG Vitality Team Email Drip Campaigns and Newsletter Marketing (Viva Vitality is a high quality, content-packed newsletter featuring high interest stories and health and wellness tips and strategies.  All consumers who enter the site may not purchase on their first visit, but they may sign up for our newsletter and Tell Me More features.  When they do our automated email marketing powerhouse will continuously serve them with quality, integrity, and respect. There's nothing better than an informed consumer. With your position on the rotator, you'll be ready to close the sale!)

 No matter what GBG Downline you're in, join the Presidents Club today!

 Join Now!

*All paid memberships are completed via PayPal's secure system.  PayPal membership is not required to complete your payment.  Options are available to purchase your membership monthly, quarterly, or annually and reminders are sent so you can control your own renewals.  Any membership that is not renewed by the end of your last membership period will automatically be reverted to the Free Presidents Club membership level.  You're free to upgrade again, at any time.  All memberships are non-refundable.  However, if you are ever unsatisfied with the service please let us know and we will do everything we can to address your concern. 

How many sign-ups can I expect if I join the Presidents Club?

That depends on a few different factors.

Just like in any advertising campaign some campaigns are better then others. The GBG Vitality Team will be using multiple marketing channels to drive traffic to this website.

The good news is that the GBG 10-in-ONE Liquid Vitamin is so superior that GBG maintains a 97.7% retention rate, with that being said to break even for a year in the Presidents Club you would only have to sign-up 4 new members in your downline. 4 x $5.00 per bottle = $20 x 12 months = $240 your cost for one year in the Presidents Club.

We expect to do much better than that.  By working together we will all succeed!

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