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Luella May

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1/28/2008 1:40:22 PM

In Memory of

John Elliott

The Corner 4 Women


Women of Courage

Each week we will honor a woman that has truly made a difference by her contributions, courage, love, and selflessness, despite facing insurmountable obstacles and adversities. Women honored will consist of women in politics, famous women, household names, and also women who you have never heard of, yet by their lives changed the world.

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This week's Woman of Courage was nominated by Shirley Caron.  Thank you Shirley for a most excellent choice.

This Woman of Courage is a very high profile lady.  Despite the most painful of tragedies and personal sorrows, she has gone on to work for and lessen the suffering of others in need.  You really never hear of this lady's accomplishments in the media, yet there are many.

I present to you..........

Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg

Caroline Kennedy is still daddy's little girl in many of our hearts.  Yet, daddy's little girl has grown up to be quite an accomplished woman in her own right.  Among her many responsibilities and projects, Caroline continues her dad's and uncle's work of preserving our freedoms.  She co-authored "In Our Defense:  The Bill of Rights in Action" (1990) and "The Right to Privacy" (1995) with Ellen Alderman.  She has edited several New York Times best selling volumes, one being "A Patriot's Handbook."  She has also edited 

  • The Best-Loved Poems of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
  • A Family of Poems: My Favorite Poetry for Children
  • Profiles in Courage for Our Time

Caroline Kennedy was one of the founders of the Profiles in Courage Award.  This award most certainly honors People of Courage, as it is given annually to a person who exemplifies the type of courage examined in her father's Pulitzer Prize-winning book of the same name. The award is generally given to elected officials who, acting in accord with their conscience, risk their careers by pursuing a larger vision of the national, state or local interest in opposition to popular opinion or powerful pressures from their constituents.

Caroline Bouvier Kennedy-Schlossberg has undergone severe personal losses.  At a very young age she experienced the death of her father, John Fitzgerald Kennedy at the hand of an assassin.  That was her introduction to what it means to "give your life for something that you believe in,"  a lesson learned in a very personal way.  Just a few years later, she was again to learn that very same lesson with the assassination of her uncle, Bobby Kennedy.  Sometimes it seems as though destiny has no mercy, as she again suffered another tragic loss, that of her brother, John F. Kennedy, Jr. who died in a plane crash in 1999.


Caroline Kennedy was Born in New York, New York and lived in Washington, D.C., in Georgetown until just after her third birthday, when her Family moved to the White House. After the Assassination of her Father in November 1963, she moved with her Mother and Brother in Mid 1964 to New York City, in the Penthouse Apartment at 1040 Fifth Avenue, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

In 1967, she Christened the U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier USS John F. Kennedy, which was in active service until March 23, 2007.

She Graduated from Radcliffe College/Harvard University and Columbia Law School, after completing her Education at the Brearley School and Convent of the Sacred Heart, and Concord Academy in Massachusetts.

After Interning with her Uncle U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy, and at The New York Daily News, Caroline Kennedy began work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 1980, where she met her Husband, the Exhibit Designer Edwin Schlossberg.

They have two Daughters and one Son:
* Rose Kennedy Schlossberg, Born on June 25, 1988 in New York Ciry, New York (named after her Great-Grandmother Rose Kennedy)
* Tatiana Celia Kennedy Schlossberg, Born on May 5, 1990 in New York City, New York (named after Edwin's Grandmother and his former Colleague, the Lithographer Tatiana Grossman)
* John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg, Born on January 19, 1993 in New York City, New York (named after his Maternal Grandfather and his Maternal Grandmother's Maiden Name)

Caroline Kennedy lives in New York City, New York with her Husband and Family. Her Husband is President of Edwin Schlossberg, Inc., a Multi-Disciplinary Design Company that specializes in Interactive Exhibit Design and Museum Master-Planning.

Caroline is an Attorney, Editor and Writer. She is currently President of the Kennedy Library Foundation, a Director of both the Commission on Presidential Debates and of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and Honorary Chairman of the American Ballet Theatre. Caroline is also an adviser to the Harvard Institute of Politics, a Living Memorial to her Father.

Oh!  And one last note.........

A photo of a young Caroline with her pony in a news article inspired singer-songwriter Neil Diamond to write his hit song "Sweet Caroline," a fact he revealed only when performing it for her 50th birthday in November 2007.

Written and compiled by Luella May

Geketa Holman

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1/28/2008 2:42:19 PM
Hello Luella and Team,

Caroline Kennedy is one of the best choices for this great forum. I feel as if I almost know her personally. I grew up watching her with her on TV with her father and mother , she always seemed to be a happy child in all her photos.

The entire family has dealt with tragedy after tragedy. I was very young when JFK was killed. My family loved him and we took his death as personal. I remember my grandma crying the day he was killed and much of that week. I can still remember the feeling of great loss.

I am sure he would be very proud of his little girl, she is such an inspiration to women for all her accomplishments.  I have followed her in the news for many years now and she still has that same lovely smile she did from long ago.

One thing you did not mention was her clothing line. I am not sure if you can remember it or not, but every little girl in the early 60's wanted the famous Caroline Kennedy dresses. I had three of them and would have worn them everyday if my grandma would have let me lol I also had a coat like one of hers it had a hat and a muff.

Thanks for sharing Caroline with us she is most deserving !

BLessings and Hugs


Hear, O Israel the L-rd our G-d,the L-rd is one
Amanda Martin-Shaver

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1/28/2008 2:46:06 PM
Hello Luella May,

Thank you for the presentation of Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg she is truly a woman of
courage who has endured such a lot of personal
trageties in her life that would 'buckle many people
at the knees' under the same circumstances.

She is a great inspiration.

I did not know Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline' was about Caroline, thank you for sharing as I am a fan of Neil Diamond.

Kind regards

La Nell !

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1/28/2008 2:54:30 PM
Hi Luella and Team, I am so glad to be back on the Women Of Courage team. Thank you Luella for the introduction. Thank you Shirley for the presentation of Carolina Kennedy-Schlossberg who is a very courageous woman. I enjoyed this very much and good choice here. Hugs, LaNell ;-)                                                                                                                                                  :-)
Georgios Paraskevopoulos

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1/28/2008 2:58:51 PM
Dear Luella

First I would CONGRATULTUALTE you for a very special choice. The Kennedys'' are a beloved by all Greeks. I got a shock November 1963 when I heard the news by my mother. More shocked I got when I saw in the news the second Kennedy was murdered. I loved Robert. He was one of the persons who got me politically active later. Of Course the brothers were not the best angels but they were good politicians and the world had a hope on them during the COLD WAR period.

The family members are known in Greece, much more after Jacqueline's marriage with Aristoteles Onasis.

Caroline is a talented woman and easily she could be a politician too but The Kennedys' will never make it. The others will not let them.

Thank you for the detailed information on Caroline. Reading the introduction carefully and with all beside information I have I aplausse your choice. She deserves the title WOMAN OF COURAGE.

We all love you
and your Family

Second, Today is your day.
All I can do is to invite you again to my forums

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ENJOY YOUR DAY and Keep Up The Good Woman of Courage work

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