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Mind , Heart, and Soul, Rejuvenation Part 3
1/11/2008 9:35:12 AM

Hello my dear friends,

Yesterday i spoke on the Heart, how we can come closer to God when our heart is right within him. Today i am going to speak on the mind.

I want all of you to understand that our minds we have is a playground for satan. Why does he use our minds to reack havvock on us all? In order to understand this, we have to see how all of this works when we put all three together that I have educated you on so far.

God told Satan that he could do whatever he wanted to Job when he was going through the fire to get his life on cource with the lord, but he told him he could not kill him! You see satan can only do what God tells him to do ,therefore, we all should be happy to know that when we go through rough times that God is still in control of what is going on around us. God has a great interest in us and what happens to our souls before we depart here on earth. He does not want anyone to parish, no not one.

One of the reasons that satan can per say have free reighn in our minds, is that, God is always trying to teach us something, or get our attention to be placed on him in order for him to speak to us and or bless us. When we are so boggled up in the mind, like around Christmas time, and Jesus is the furtherest from some peoples grasp..he has to do something to get your attention and let you know he is boss, and that he will do what he can to get your attention placed on him. Why do you think that there are so many crimes and wars and just plain mean people in this world today? Yes God is in control of everything that happens in our lives that is a given, but people get to lax and lazy to really see or understand what Jesus really wants to do for us in our lives. When we are out of touch with God, when we dont pray, when we put Jesus on the do you think that makes him feel?

We can see countless times in the word of God where he went around blessing his anointed chosen children, and we can see countless times were after the blessing took place, it was not long before the same people went back to doing what they had been doing before. To be real specific, the bible says that the children of Isreal were like dogs that always returned to their vomit, meaning that it really did not matter to them what was going on, but when things got tough they would always go back to what they knew best, and that was sinning! 

We should not be as they were, God even destroyed some of them for not being obediant and just doing what they felt was right. Now these days we see alot of this disobediance, and we also see the outcomes of what is given for direct disobediance towards the lord. You see satan is just a tool that God can use to get his point across, just like he did with job, it is imperative that we keep our minds, hearts, and souls, in oneness with the lord, we must pray daily, we must repent of what does not please the lord, and we must obey when we are told to follow out with something, no matter if we like it or not, in order for the will of God to happen, there has to be the right things done for it to come into manifistation. One way that you can tell that you are not in line with the lord, or being obediant to him, is our bodies break down faster, our minds also, and we blame it all on anything we can other than going to the source and asking what is going on, and how can I fix this.

We destroy our bodies daily, and wonder why we are in so much pain and discomfort, and wonder what has happened to us, and why this is going on in our lives and not others. Is there something we can do about this? How can we change what is going on in our lives? How can we stay obediant to God and reap his blessings?....Well the answer to that will shock you, and I will place it in my next series I am working on for you.

Stay encouraged and blessed...Minister Tommy

Tommy Heldenbrand DivinelyAnointedMinistries

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