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Mind, Heart, Soul, Rejuvenation Part 2
1/10/2008 9:24:26 AM

Blessings to all my Friends and new Friends,

I spoke in part one series about how to get your prayer time right with God, and were to spend most of the time you have before him so you can get all he has to give to you. I want to educate on the "Heart " today. Did you know that heart in all men and woman are pure evil, the bible callus it a callous heart, or heart of stone. So what does this mean minister tommy?

When you are subject to sin and grief, and pressure from stress everyday, your heart begins to harden, that does not mean literally a hard if we all had a hard heart we would be dead from lack of oxygen...remember I told you awhile back that Jesus uses Metaphors to get his meaning across to his people. A metaphor is a short story that Jesus used to get his disciples to understand exactly were he was coming from when he spoke to them, and us today. In order to be one with God, we must have a changed heart pure and wholesome. the only way we can do that is by asking the Lord to change us internally. When a person is doing the same thing over and over and not wanting to change or repent ( which means to stop doing the old and start doing the new) it is very hard for the lord to work in and through this person for gods will to be accomplished in their lives.

I put it like this my good friends..Take me for example...when I was young, I grew up on a cattle farm, and did a whole lot of hard work for a teenager back then to do, to help keep the farm running properly. In order to keep my strength up, I had to eat allot of food, and with this eating of food and my bulking up with muscles, I was at one time told to go back to the phat farm, cause noone likes a fat person. Now i got this barrage all the time, just because the kids would not take the time, and get to know me and see just what I was doing to be this way. I was dubbed an outcast because I was ugly to them, but did they see my heart? No...this is were it starts...people are to interested in what others say, and trying to be a part of the crowd, that they loose the whole meaning of what they are trying to do, and that is just trying to fit in somewhere. Well needless to say i befriended a couple of  kids and they really saw what I was doing on the farm, but do to peer pressure they to, rejoined the ranks of the naysayers.

For years i was bothered by this, and at one time I even started hating people....until....I was told about Jesus and what he could do for a country boy like me. When I decided to follow him, and I asked him to heal my heart, I started loving again, and I was more apt to see why the kids did what they did, just because they were afraid to be labled as a fat boy lover.

My dear friends if this is like something you went through or are going through..the only way to break the vicious cycle is by allowing God to heal you from the inside out. This takes time and you must be willing by faith to keep trusting god to do all the work, and he will as long as you are willing to let him do so. I am now 40 years old, and he still is working on my heart daily, it is part of being like him, we must brake the old mold and allow God to form the new mold in us. With prayer, and spending time with God you can achieve this new heart and transplant the old to the new by God mighty power.

Blessings and Love!!! Minister T

Tommy Heldenbrand DivinelyAnointedMinistries

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