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Mind, Heart, Soul, Rejuvination Part 1
1/4/2008 9:22:03 AM

Hello and Good Day to all my Friends.

I have been in prayer and listening for a  word from God, to advise me of what he wants me to put out to you his children. You know when it comes to hearing from God, people are very limited in this approach, due to numerous distractions and being what I call to Busy, are we to Busy? (Being under Satans Yoke) and are we allowing our feelings to get into the way of what we really had ought to be doing...and that is keeping our receptors  clear and uncluttered to hear from God. Now one would say..Minister Tommy how do you know all of this, and I can tell you that for years, I was listening to the wrong frequency, and getting the wrong info, it is like a General that has a platoon of men, and he needs to make sure they all know 100% what he means by when he gives orders for everyone to obey. If the captain was on a different frequency, and he told that to his men..then before you knew it, there would be total anarcy everywhere because of the wrong info or directions given. This is no different from God giving his leaders orders to follow, and when they disobey, like most do...the word God was trying to put out gets all confusing because the leader was doing his own thing, and not listening to God!

So how do we do this Minister Tommy? The answer is so easy, that people just do not get the real meaning of it. God tells us to go into our quiet place, were he can speak to us. That does not mean go somewhere that there is allot of distractions that will over power your receptors, now what I mean by receptors is this. Think of your ears as tiny radars that are sweeping the air for Gods word, and your heart as the main computor that records and deciphers what is being picked up on Gods frequency he uses to communicate with us all. Now keep in mind that good ole satan can and will disrupt contact anytime he has a chance to and confuse you, that is why God tells us to go in our quiet place, which for me is my soon to be study area, where there is complete silence. When we master this area we will start to see changes in how God speaks to us, and we will know in our heart what we need to do to bring it to completion.

This is one of the main parts I want to educate you on, because if you do not get this area, it will be very hard to understand the next examples that I will be giving. Now one will say...Just how do we know God is speaking to me, and what should I do? And the answer to that you remember how excited you got when you knew you were going to get something you really, really really wanted...either it being a toy, a doll, a new bike, etc and that overall feeling you had that this is real good and I like the way this is turning out. Well there is not much difference with God I can say that when I am in prayer I just feel a envelopment of knowing God is there with me, like the bible says..God is a sweet you cannot smell God, but this is a metaphor used to allow us to know the feeling or the scent you receive that is really good, this refers to the spirit of God when he is around about you! The Bible also says that when 2 or more are present together in the midst of God, he is there with you also. I can truly say that when you have spirit filled people next to you worshipping God, the atmosphere can be described as being alive, and your body is so energized within God that you just give into Gods will and allow him to work in and through you to get his message to the people. I am going to close this first part of the series, and allow you to think upon what the Lord has to say to you here in this series.

Blessings and Love!! Minister (T)


Tommy Heldenbrand DivinelyAnointedMinistries

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