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Roger Macdivitt .

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FRIENDS working together.
12/24/2007 10:31:03 AM

* Are your skills being wasted?


The Glacial Movement

is coming!


Don’t just “Watch this space” but Act Now.



So What is it all about?





Why The Glacial Movement?


Glaciers build from millions of individual snowflakes which over millennia compact to form ice so thick and so hard that it can carve valleys from mountains.


From small and numerous things WE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS.

The Glacial Movement is set to MOVE MOUNTAINS in March and you can be a “snowflake”,  (Remember every snowflake is unique and beautiful).


At ADLAND we have many experts.

Experts who know how to make websites.

Experts who know how to make money.

Experts who can talk and care for people.

Experts who understand promotion and promotion tools.

Experts who are affiliates.

Experts who are experts and know other experts.

Experts who love to share and those who care.

Experts at managing money and security.

New Experts of The Glacial Movement – ICE COMMITTEE.


Which EXPERT are you?


We should be using the combined power of OUR EXPERTS to act like a SUPER EXPERT. Think about that!


Are you an expert?


What a surprise, we can’t all be, can we?

Why not?

I am sure you are an expert at something?

Well, Yes.

So can you offer something to someone, even if it’s not an online skill?


The Glacial Movement will change all of this.


Is this you?


You see a new business that everyone says is great.               You join for free.                                                                          You try to recruit a downline.                                                         You spend money and upgrade.  

You try to understand how the autoresponder works.

You don’t have a website.

You don’t understand the program and then you have to join another to get a list and then you need another list and then you have to…………………………………………


Result: hours of work, a short quick profit for your upline and then?

Join another, lose track, join another…………. Getting familiar?

If you paid (for example) $4.99 p.m. and got nothing wouldn’t you prefer to commit $8.00 and know that you’ll make money? Think about it.







Post here and identify yourself:



SNOWFLAKE (There is no disgrace being a snowflake I’m one, BUT, I’m an expert in other things so I’ll just have to share my expertise).


If you’re one of the experts then offer your help!  Join the “ICE TEAM

If you’re one of the other experts become a “snowflake” and share your other skills.


This is going to be HUGE and you  are going to be a part of it, aren’t you?


Feel free to send me a personal message headed “Glacial”

Launch date projected March 1st, 2008.

Does this have to be confined to Adland? NO WAY.

Try stopping a glacier. Why would you?












Nick Sym

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Re: FRIENDS working together.
12/24/2007 6:11:50 PM

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Roger Macdivitt .

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Re: FRIENDS working together.
12/24/2007 6:18:11 PM

Thanks Nick for dropping in.

I see that you brought your own snow.


Re: FRIENDS working together.
12/24/2007 7:04:31 PM








Re: FRIENDS working together.
12/24/2007 8:14:57 PM

Hi Roger,

Christmas is being celebrated whether it is snowy, rainny, sunny or windy day. The climate is external. Christmas is warm, friendly, peaceful and serene internally in each of our Heart.

Visit my Forum on 'Learning from Holidays' I need you and your friends for this Christmas just to spread one world - PEACE.

Merry Christmas to you and all your friends here!

Thanks for the Forum. Nice to see you again Philip Low c.m.o. My Cabby Career

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