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From FireFighter to Minister, Tommy's story continued.
12/22/2007 11:54:17 AM
From Firefighter, to Minister, Tommys story continued.
Posted: 12-21-2007 07:47 PM

Blessings Friends,

I wanted to add to what i had writen earlier about myself. I spent 5 years in the military as a fireman-instructor, I would help new people how to protect themselves in a fire or emergency. So I know how to lead by example, and I have a heart for people that are in need of help in some way. I have always been in the field to help people that are willing to be helped and or educated. All was going well until that tragic day i was injured in a blaze. I had always wanted to be a Firefighter and Paramedic, but what i wanted, and what God wanted were not the same. I had over 4 surgeries and countless sessions of therapy, so I had allot I needed to think about and get right with our Lord. I was in a position were I needed to know without any doubts what I was to do.

I had been running from the Lord for many years, because i knew in my heart, he was going to make a powerful man of God out of me..and that scared me to death for some unknown reason. I had so many chances to do the right thing, but I decided wrong, you see God does not force us to do anything, but the longer we wait, our blessings can and will deminish due to lack of faith. I had some close calls also with events that could have been devistating, but you know, when God has you chosen for his work..he will always protect you in one way or another.

Well 11 years ago, to this day, I had a real wakeup call happen. I met my wife susan and after only 4 months we were married and this coming February will be 13 years we have been together, Thank God.

Sue was pregnant with our son at the time, and she had a severe condition that made it almost impossible for her to keep a child without premature death. Well in a sense me and God had a talk about what he wanted and what i wanted. Well..the outcome of that meeting was this...Thomas Phillip was born healthy, no problems as the doctors had predicted he would have, and infact he is a very smart child, he is in a gifted and talented class at his school were he gets straight A's, and is a leader in his class, which I know he will be a important leader as he grows with his generation. He Loves Jesus, he loves going to church, and he loved the word of God, all this with my constant prayers and covering him in the spirit from the hands of satan.

So with all of this..thomas healthy and smart, susan fine as can be, and our marriage this long with Gods help...I bet you are wondering what my part is that I agreed with the Lord, that 11 years ago. Well I will tell you this...I promised the Lord that with all this said and done i would stop running, and take on what he has for me to do.

I rededicated my life to Christ, as he wanted, and i also started learning more about being a leader for him, and dedicating my life to his will and not mine, I started a ministry here online 4 years ago and have made it my lifes goal to help out the children of God anyway I can. I have over 150 people I talk with in emails, i have folks in Australia, Singapore, Africa,Phillipines and I will minister to anyone who needs it. So there you have it...can i minister to you and encourage you? God has given me the ability to serve in many ways and also to heal mind body and soul according to his word and through his power he is the healer, not I, he has also given me the ability to be a millionair for him, to serve the kingdom of God and all the people that are in need, and boy that is a challenge, could use some help.

Well I will write more on other educational purposes and what God has for you his children to know through me his loyal servant.

Blessings and Love in Christ!!! Minister Tommy

Tommy Heldenbrand DivinelyAnointedMinistries
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Re: From FireFighter to Minister, Tommy's story continued.
12/22/2007 4:59:56 PM
Hi Tommy, You have a most interesting story of courage to share with us. I look forward to hearing more of your journey.
Re: From FireFighter to Minister, Tommy's story continued.
12/22/2007 5:40:51 PM
Thank You mary, More will come soon!
Tommy Heldenbrand DivinelyAnointedMinistries

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