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With Effort - turn $60 bucks a YEAR into over $1900 a MONTH
12/20/2007 11:27:37 AM

Take the big step into a paid program.... Start small.... but do START! ...Just $60 a year can earn you over $1900 a month.... No Hype needed because we have a simple plan, a simple product and such a small investment required to make a BIG difference to your life, hype would be just plain stupid!

Truth is - Hype is ALWAYS just plain STUPID!

Just $60 Bucks

 gets A FULL year of fees covered.

Pay it all up front and get to work.

Just $60, gives you the potential to earn
over $1900 a month.....

And have fun too!

The system is simple.

Just "WORK" it!

Over $1900/month potential for just $60/year

Get into action NOW!

Love Light and Laughter

Neil Sperling

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Re: turn just $60 bucks a YEAR into over $1900 a MONTH
12/20/2007 1:09:48 PM

HI:  Who started this site?  Can a Yearly payment be made?



Neil Sperling

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Re: turn just $60 bucks a YEAR into over $1900 a MONTH
12/20/2007 2:05:29 PM

Greenwiz most frequently asked questions and the answer below... and YES you can make a yearly payment.... and that is th best way too (in MY opinion) ....

GreenWiz Support has been amazing. Emails to questions I have asked were prompt and clear. A great staff.

Hope this helps


  1. When was GreenWiz launched?
    Saturday Oct 5th 2002 11 am PST

  2. Who owns GreenWiz and where is it based and what is the connection to GreenWiz?
    GreenWiz is owned by The Green Team, LJ & Rebel and is based in Washington State, USA.  Cookin-Fun is also owned by the Green Team and is the little Sister to GreenWiz.

    L J James: Head Cook & Financial Officer

    Rebel Cook: Support, Web Cook, Dishwasher

    Contact us at:
     PO BOX 125
    608 Sprague
    Wilson Creek,WA 98860 USA


  3. Will GreenWiz promise to provide my downline matrix for me?

     NO! You may receive spillover from our company advertising but we do not promise to provide or build a downline. We promise to run a honest program that pays your commissions to you each month when due.   We also promise to answer all support as promptly as possible. (remember even we need to sleep) usually with 24 hours or sooner.


    Your sponsor or Upline may also provide spillover. GreenWiz is not responsible for any promises made by your upline or sponsor.


  4. What is the difference between a matrix sponsor and a personal sponsor and why aren’t they the same?
    Your Personal sponsor is the person who you signed up under. A matrix sponsor is who you were placed under in your personal sponsor’s matrix. Only the first level will have the same matrix and personal sponsors.

  5. Will you teach me everything I need to know to build my matrix?
    Sorry but we can’t promise to do this. We can make suggestions.  Also most sponsors are willing to work with you to help build your team. Remember your success is their success.

  6. Can I buy “Guaranteed Signups” and fill my matrix to get paid?
    You can but GreenWiz does not recommend it. Guaranteed signups are a waste of your advertising dollars. They rarely, if ever, pay for their membership and are soon removed.  Remember you are paid for each paid member in your downline at the end of each month. We do not pay you for Free Representatives.

  7. Where do the member’s in my matrix come from?
    Members can be placed in your matrix in 3 ways.

    1)  Your own efforts (these are ones guaranteed to stay with you)

    2)  Spillover from your upline (this includes ones from company advertising)

    3)  Spilldown - the result of members in your matrix recruiting.

  8. Will you pay me a bonus for signing up referrals?
    No we do not pay bonuses for referrals

  9. Am I an employee of GreenWiz?
    No, you are an independent representative and as such you are responsible for  any and all taxes.

  10. Why don't  you send more updates?
    We don't believe in sending updates just to be sending an update, you will hear from us when we have something to say or tell you about.  Usually about once a month. We do appreciate it if you would read the updates we do send.

  11. What if I need my email address changed?
    You can have your email changed by sending us an email requesting it. We will need your GreenWiz ID, Your name, your old email address, and the one it is to be changed to.  Also please let us know if the change is to be made to your payment email as well as your contact email.

  12. What if I signed up under the wrong sponsor?
    You need to contact us immediately. Errors like this can only be corrected in the first 48 hours after signup. After that it is not possible to correct. If the affected account is removed the ID/username will be unavailable for 60 days.

  13. Is there an age limit in GW?
    Yes, you must be 18 years of age or have your account managed for you by a qualified family member until you are of age.

Steven Suchar

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Re: With Effort - turn $60 bucks a YEAR into over $1900 a MONTH
12/21/2007 8:53:09 PM
Hi Neil...Thanks For The FYI :)


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