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Pauline Raina

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Come vote for the 20th Photo of the Week, and see who is the 19th winner !
12/19/2007 4:06:11 PM

Hello Everyone! 


It's time to vote for the 20th  Photo of the Week!:-)

But first let's congratulate the winner of the 19th Photo of the Week!           

                            ROSE ENDERUD

CONGRATS Rose on the win, that was a darling picture, enjoy your prize money of 50/- bucks courtesty of Bogdan Fiedur, CEO of AdlandPro!

Please send your PayPal info to the administration.

Photo Title: Rescued Puppy

By Rose Enderud

Link to the Photo



Attention Everyone!: Here are the rules again.

Please read them before making a nomination.

 Link to nominations forum:

Here are the rules for nominating a photo:

1. Only the photographer can nominate his or her photo. We've had problems with photos getting nominated that don't even belong to the person who has it in their gallery. We only want the photographer nominating their own photos because we don't want legal problems in case someone was to win who didn't own the photo nominated. The person who nominates their photo must attest to being the owner of the photo.

2. Photo must be posted here at AdlandPro's Gallery.

3. Photo should be appropriate for the contest, no objectionable material.

4. You can nominate a photo from a previous week if it didn't win. We want to give everyone a chance to win.

5. You can only make one nomination per week.

Please make your nominations in this fashion (This is important too because it makes are job a lot easier if you follow these instructions. If you do it like this then we only have to copy and paste the info in to the poll's forum instead having to hunt down the info all over AdlandPro. It takes a long time to create this forum and poll so your cooperation is appreciated):


Photo Title: Sunset At River Kwai!!!

Photo by Pauline Raina.

Link to the Photo:

And if possible the actual photo (if you don't know how to paste a photo we understand).



All photos are the sole property of the photographer

Here are the photos to choose from for the 20th Photo of the Week contest!:


Title: Can't Figure Out how to Wear Sun Glasses

By:  Patricia Bartch, copyright 2007



Photo Title:  I Can't Believe This is Happening!

Photo By:  Sara Gardner Blow

Photo Link:

Little Miss on Christmas Eve


Photo title:Pretty Busy butterflies.

Taken by:  Heidi Stern


Busy Baby


Photo title : Melany is smiling...

Photo by : Adelna Ghita

Link to the photo :


Melany is smiling...


Photo title: 'tis the season for this picture

Taken by :  Gunther G

Link   :

Winnipeg at Christmas 


Title : Worlds longest driver

Taken by:   Jason Lamure




Photo title: Photo Art, Alien world

Taken by:  Pauline Raina

Link         :


            Alien Universe


That's it folks! Time to vote! Good luck to all the contestants!

Love and blessings to all of you from,

John Sanchez and Pauline Raina


Oh, don't forget to vote for Forum of the Year at the BFA poll. If the Feature of the Week aka Person of the Week has blessed you in any way please consider voting for us, thank you!:





Vote your choice for the 20th Photo Of The Week
Thankyou for taking the time to vote, spread the word VOTE!
Cant figure out how to wear sun glasses..Pat B - (0)
I Can't Believe This is Happening!..Sara G Blow - (6)
Pretty Busy Butterfly ..Heidi Stern - (10)
Melany is smiling...Adelna Ghita - (3)
'Tis the season for this picture..Gunther G - (4)
World's Longest Driver !..Jason Lamure - (20)
Alien world..Pauline R - (4)
This poll has expired.
Total Votes: 47

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Joelees Wholesale

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Re: Come vote for the 20th Photo of the Week, and see who is the 19th winner !
12/19/2007 4:26:33 PM

Hi Pauline,

Great photos this week Thank you for all you do , My votes in Gods speed :-) Lee

Congratulations Rose !

enjoy my friend Gods speed :-) Lee


Re: Come vote for the 20th Photo of the Week, and see who is the 19th winner !
12/19/2007 8:30:43 PM

Rose, congratulations again, your puppy photo is so sweet.  I am happy you won.

Good luck to all entries this week,

Merry Christmas,

Please come keep the Candle of Love burning bright.


La Nell !

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Re: Come vote for the 20th Photo of the Week, and see who is the 19th winner !
12/19/2007 11:06:25 PM
Hi Pauline, :-) Adorable pic Rose of the puppy. I voted. LaNell           

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