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12/18/2007 8:43:13 AM
I just found out the 22nd of Oct.I have it. I am doing well it is mild right now. I have good days and bad. I take a shot every day,to prolong my flare ups.
Larry Blethen

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Re: M.S.
12/18/2007 10:04:52 AM

hello Peggy..I late wife had it for years...have a great day...

Happy Holidays...Larry   

Larry Blethen, 304-369-5603
Joyce Parker Hyde

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Re: M.S.
12/18/2007 10:11:41 AM
Bless your heart Peggy!
My prayers for your faith in God to give you what you need. Sometimes it is through much pain that we find ourself closest to Him.
Roger Macdivitt .

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Re: M.S.
12/18/2007 2:57:19 PM

Hello Peggy,

Firstly may I say how sorry I am that you have to struggle with this label. MS is such a variable disease that many don't realise for ages that they have it.

Here is the good news:    Positive attitude can really defeat the affects.

Bother to learn about what helps others.

Pass on to others what works for you.

Learn to change your diet, your lifestyle and your attitude.

Think of this as a new lifestyle and incorporate things that you always wanted to do.

Accept help when it's offered.

Most of all learn to say thank you when somebody helps and not to keep saying sorry if you need helpdoing something.

If you are thinking 'Why me' that's usual but try to think 'So its me, so I'll cope'.

Please feel free to ask me for help. I will help if I can. I have some experience of working with MS sufferers.

Well done for being brave and for doing something positive.



Re: M.S.
12/18/2007 7:43:55 PM
Hi Roger:
Thank you for your post,and you are right about being in the right frame of mind.
I was shocked at first,but then when the doctors ruled out Brain Cancer,and Brain tumor I was really glad,I then started to investigate M.S. on the web and also web md to see what I could learn.I am still learning and I guess I will for the rest of my life,but I have accepted that I do have M.S. and I have to go forward.
It has taught me to value life more,and also my friends more,Friends mean so much thru times like this.
I wish you and yours HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON.
from your friend

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