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Your Pre - sent Moment!
12/15/2007 8:42:35 PM

Enjoy the Present for it is a moment you have pre - sent to yourself!?

Wow, isn’t that revelatory! The present moment is a result of your past thoughts and words / affirmations. It was Henry Ford who said: You create your universe as you go along. Your thoughts and affirmations of today are creating your “Present” tomorrow.

Now is the moment we live in always, however we send the building blocks ahead and create every moment as we live each day. That is why it is important that you and I create a compelling pre - sent moment each and every day by raising our vibrations. Jesus raised the loaves of bread and the fish before He broke them, why? He was raising their vibration, when you raise or lower the vibration of something, you perpetuate it. The difference is that: a raised vibration produces a greater positive output and a lowered vibration produces greater negative results. I love this saying: Aim for the Sky and If you happen to fall, you’ll be amongst the Stars of the heavens.

So back to the pre - sent moment; become conscious of this fact right now that you are creating your tomorrow today. The feeling you are having right now will be multiplied and perpetuated as your tomorrow.

Send yourself each day; a great feeling of Love, wealth, abundance, opulence, wisdom, increase, confidence, faith and see what Present you will have tomorrow.

Now is the moment – live it to the fullest and see it stretch to eternity!!! I love you so much, Peace and blessings to you and your loved ones. NAMASKAR!

In Love and Mastery, Kimberleigh Matthews Everyday in Every Way - Getting Better and Better! We Fall Down and We Get Up and Keep Going!! Life is a Phenomenal Trip!
Larry Blethen

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Re: Your Pre - sent Moment!
12/16/2007 6:24:28 AM

hello Kimberleigh...thank you for this post...I believe in positive thinking...

happy holidays....Larry

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