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Are you Giblinked yet?
11/23/2007 11:04:57 AM

Hello and Welcome!

You can become wealthy, with an exciting adventure, that's just opening before us. The internet's buzzing with the response.

We cannot explain in words the tremendous excitement with the “NO ONE LEFT BEHIND” Revenue Sharing Program that is resonating with people world wide.

View weeks ago we witnessed the launch of one of the most innovative and powerful programs we have ever seen.

GibLine is launched and people from over 140 countries jammed the telephone lines to get a piece of the action.

If you haven't joined,is perfect!
Join the GibLine and be a part of the first paying cycling wave:

Get the FACTS.... GibLine is Sweeping the Internet, worldwide.

It has the one main thing You've been looking can be completely PASSIVE INCOME!That's the Beauty of the gibline income stream.

There is NO SPONSORING required in order to earn.

Definitions to better help you understand this exceptional program.

"Giblink" is the program name ...

"Gibline" is the revenue sharing and or the pay plan ...

"Gibsales" is the product and services section [extra income]...

And a "pod" is a "position" in the program.

The gibline Straight Line Revenue Sharing Program is a revolutionary new system designed to "leave no one behind" in earning income!

The Question: "Please tell me how is it possible that "No One is left behind" and EVERYONE makes money?"

The Answer: "Joining the Program starts at the bottom for Everyone - NO EXCEPTIONS. Everyone is treated the same.Global straight line system so that everybody helps everybody, NO MATTER WHO SPONSORED THEM!

Every time 5 people come in, anywhere in the world, the person at the top cycles and then re-enters at the bottom. We all get paid, then we are automatically re-entered into the next highest level.

The money you earn doubles every cycle!

Starting at $50, then $100, then 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400 etc."

It's like standing at the bottom of a ladder. Everytime 5 people come in at the bottom step You are moved up a step until you reach the top.

Once there... You cycle and get paid and move to the bottom of the next higher paying ladder.


GibLine is launched October 15th

If you haven't joined yet... Now is the time to Join the GibLine:

As Gibline is a straight line program the sooner you join the sooner you'll start to cycle and earn.

Cycling started at launch. We have surpassed the 20,000 member mark. Hundreds of new members continue to join the gibLink community each day. 1400 members joined the day before launch..

Every 3 months we all re-enter to the line to keep it all moving. Imagine, there are now over 30,000 members in the line and then in 90 days, everyone automatically re-enters pushing You up the ladder again and again!

I'd like to see YOU get involved before the masses and take advantage of this cycling paying 1st wave.

Right now members must join at either the Standard level ($50 - 1 POD) or the Pro level ($150 - 3 PODS).

Understand the difference between the 2 levels of membership. You initially receive 1 or 3 pods (positions) in gibLine...

Standard Membership gives you 1 pod

Pro Membership gives you 3 pods in the line.

Standard members can cycle in Line 1 without sponsoring anybody but to get into higher levels they have to sponsor 2 members.

Pro members don't need to sponsor anybody and will be entered into the higher levels too.

VERY IMPORTANT - To be very clear, passive members are well advised to enter at the Pro level. By doing so, you will have 3 pods (positions) and you will be fully qualified to move to the bottom of the next higher paying ladder.

It is also important to note that you will receive 100% matching bonuses on your 2nd and 3rd pods EACH time they cycle. To state this in other terms, by coming in at the Pro level, the 2 additional positions or "pods" that you purchase take the place of 2 personal referrals. These positions are treated as if you referred 2 members yourself.

We are on the threshold of a new era in the Home Based Business Industry and we are so glad you have joined with us.

It's the perfect time to join us,and make a 100% passive income from home.

The gibline has truly redefined the slogan Together Everyone Achieves More.

Please Remember we are currently in pre-registration. You will not be able to see your cycles or commissions earned until we go live. We anticipate a full launch in 30 days or less.

Certain features of your gibLine backoffice will not be available during pre-registration however, your personalized promotion site will be instantly available allowing you can track your direct referrals.

Additionally, your gibLink and gibSales sites are fully operational at this time and we encourage you to use them as well.

We anticipate full launch of the gibLine prior to October. Our first commission run will commence within 48 hours of launching.

Once again, Congratulations on finding us!!!

You are apart of a new global phenomenon

Best wishes,
Robert Falk



You may add me to your IM and get in touch with me any time.

Please ask me for a brief overview.



yahoo:           stachel97

ICQ:              77866855


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Re: Are you Giblinked yet?
11/24/2007 3:26:26 AM
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