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Dee Hudson

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Its been a while.......
11/16/2007 5:28:42 PM
I know that I have been away from adlandpro for a while. I have had a lot of personal stuff happening in my life. I was in hospital twice over the summer, and needed to take time out to get back to normal. Because of the operations I was left with sever pain and what seams to be sciatica in my right hip, I have always had problems because of displacement , but this is affecting the whole leg right down to the toes. and means that I cant sit comfortably without pain. also causing pain while walking.

Also family issues that needed tending to, but hopefully I will be able to get back to normal soon.

I will try to get round to all your forums to say hi personally as soon as possible. But I do need to revamp my forums also. so bear with me. Please feel free to pop in here and join in the fun as I get some new threads going including a lighthearted twist... We are here to have fun after all

  • Jokes
  • Tips on the home
  • How to organize your life and home to streamline and save time.
  • Whats your favorite Book
  • Whats your favorite Movie
  • Who's your favorite Actor/Actress and Why?
  • Show your best Photos

That will give you a few conversation points to start with.. I will be adding other topics soon, so visit often. There will be separate threads for each so please post to the now threads on relevant topics.

Take care Because I care

Re: Its been a while.......
11/16/2007 9:26:47 PM

Hi Dee Hudson,

welcome back and i am glad to hear from you friend and i would like to show you some free offers:


Have  a  Great Day!!!

Darryl Derome Jackson
Donna Zuehl

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Re: Its been a while.......
11/16/2007 9:59:28 PM
Hi Dee, Take care of yourself..I hope you feel a little better each day. DonnaZ
Re: Its been a while.......
11/16/2007 11:22:04 PM

Thanks to the invite Dee, Welcome back to AdlandPro!
I'm wishing you good health very soon and that your troubles will soon disappear.

I've been away all summer too and have been back online, one month now. I'm still trying to catch up and are slowly getting there.

I'll drop in to say a HELLO here and there, nice to see you back!

To your success

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Nick Sym

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Re: Its been a while.......
11/17/2007 4:21:38 AM
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