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This was written after Dean's Stroke
11/2/2007 7:18:01 AM


By  Dean Beaty  7/31/07


No gift from God is a mistake.

With thoughtful heart each gift I take.

The good, the perfect gift is given.

They all are from my God in heaven.


Each gift is wrought from God’s own hand,

Though I know not how He has planned.

And so I trust in every part,

Because I know my Father’s heart.


In every gift God’s love is shown,

Though time may pass before it’s known.

By faith alone some gifts are seen

To be from God, some good to glean.


So I receive what God hath planned,

As from a Father’s loving hand.

I’ll trust in God and not depart,

Because I know my Father’s heart.


His love was shown to you and me,

Through His own Son on Calvary.

This gift so great, from God above,

For all time shows the Father’s love.


So there’s no doubt how God has planned,

This too, is from the Father’s hand.

His gift to me He may impart,

Because I know my Father’s heart

Not every day is a day of victory or submission to the Father's will.  Dean has some very difficult and painful days.  He has nights when he cannot sleep.  He has angry days.  He has better days.  Being disabled has been a very painful blow to a very active man.  I feel this poem reveals Dean's deep in the heart faith in his Heavenly Father.

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