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What is Your Best Lead Generation Tip?
10/27/2007 12:08:13 PM

Hello everyone, I would like your input on what are your best lead generation tips for your network marketing business.  One of my best tips is to educate yourself first about marketing online.  So many people in our industry just jump right in and dont really know how to market themselves successfully.

Here's to everyone's success and prosperity!



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Re: What is Your Best Lead Generation Tip?
10/31/2007 6:55:17 PM

Great question.

I would have to agree with you.  It is always best to educate yourself first so you know the proper way and all the avenues that are available to you to generate your own leads.

The Internet is a gold mine for harvesting your own leads it just takes patience and consistent online marketing.



Re: What is Your Best Lead Generation Tip?
11/2/2007 1:07:50 PM

And how would you start marketing yourself. Lots of time when you have a worth while business venture people on the internet are not looking for something that they will nuture and watch it grow and finally freedom, what they are looking for is the quick money now and that's where alot are  going to be left behind.

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Re: What is Your Best Lead Generation Tip?
11/5/2007 10:59:02 AM
Hi Wendy,

Excellent question and I wholeheartedly agree with your advice re: educating onself.

I generate a lot of leads and make some great contacts in forums like this one.

Two things that have helped me a lot:

  1. Using my real name as my Username. It's important to build credibility which is hard to do with a Username that is hard to connect with the person.

  2. Writing my sig file (signature) as if it were a classified or PPC ad. I know it seems "nicer" to not write it like an ad but the bottom line is I receive literally four times as many clicks and conversions when I apply good copywriting to my sig file. Plus, no one ever complains--it's not like you're spamming in a sig file (as long as it complies with the forum rules).
All the Best,

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