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OREO's WINning Invitation!!
10/21/2007 9:57:53 PM
"Thank You Abad"

Dear Adland Friend...

I warmly invite you to take a personal tour of THE WIN NETWORK.

I was originally approached by my good friend (Adland's Prayer Warrior) Thomas Richmond. I also, at the time, knew that Kathy Hamilton was promoting THE WIN NETWORK quite heavily too. This enticed me into taking a deeper look into what this program has to offer.

So I enrolled for FREE under Thomas and viewed a live "Wealth 101" seminar. I was totally blown away by the potential of what I saw and heard!

Also, I trusted Kathy's and Thomas' judgement knowing that they would not steer me wrong.

My friend...I invite you to join our team today. Enroll for FREE. Attend a live "Wealth 101" seminar and you be the judge!

This is a 100% NO OBLIGATION commitment on your part...if you feel that this is not a fit for you, simply cancel. There are NO strings attached at all!

You can even promote YOUR business within THE WIN NETWORK for FREE too! Once you view the "Wealth 101" seminar you will see exactly what I am talking about. lol

I look forward to helping you take YOUR business to the next level by using THE WIN NETWORK!

Please click ANY link down in my signature file for more FREE WINing information.

Let's WIN together...your OREO friend Steven. can win CASH prizes just by attending FREE seminars. See you there!!

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