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8/5/2005 3:12:12 AM
LIVE IN TRUTH WITH YOUR SELF The practice of Integrity means that you live in truth with everyone around you. You state your truth honestly. You do not stay in relationships that are wrong for you or do things that you do not agree with or believe in. You do not say things to people that are not honest and sincere expressions of your true beliefs. You insist on living in truth in every area of your life. The roots of self- esteem and self- confidence lie deep within your own character.The more you practice impeccable integrity in your relationships with yourself and others, the more you will like and respect yourself. The more you like and respect yourself, the more you will like and respect others, and the more they will like and respect you. Both the quantity and quality of your relationships will increase. Integrity is the one value that guarantees all the others. You are honest to the degree to which you live consistently with every other principle that you know to be right and good and true.Consistency in behavior is the measure of your integrity. Thank you and many blessings to my friends. Kathy Martin
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