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What's Working And What Is Not -Update
10/13/2007 11:24:32 PM
Thanks to a couple of AdLandPro members I have found systems that appear to be better than I was using when I joined AdLandPro a couple of months back. The first one I'd recommend can be used to build any business and will generate multiple streams of income for you. For FREE access check it out at: The second system can be promoted on a totally passive basis if you like with a triple your money back guarantee. In other words, all you need to do is join the program and let the professionals market it for you and they guarantee a specified income over a period of time. Or, you can help build it and accelerate the income, your choice. I think part of the key to this program is getting involved with the team that has the most people anxious to participate which happens to be in China. For details on the program go to: For details on team-asia,how this is being marketed in China and how that will accelerate growth of the program, just send me an email at This could become your primary business, or be a great source of monthly income to finance the promotion of your primary business.

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