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Marketers Marketing To Marketers ... How Effective Is That?
10/9/2007 11:58:33 AM
Hello again,

Many of us have a business, or several, that are product oriented and are for the masses. Some have a program designed specifically for marketers. 

When you are advertising only to marketers you have narrowed your customers to about 1/1000 of a percent of what you could be advertising to. Let's say you have a shopping mall like RewardsRewards and that allows ANYONE to shop, save and earn. How are you advertising this to a greater population other than marketers?

If you wanted to sell iPod Movies or PSP Movies to everyone how are you reaching those iPod and PSP owners that are not marketers? Example, most every kid has an iPod/PSP above the age of 14. How many kids are marketers? Virtually none. Very big lost revenue market for you.

You need to start an offline campaign as well. I'm not saying get into direct mail yet, even though that's another avenue and Russell Bronson's ebook, IM Myth, explains that. (By the way, today is the last day to get this free report.)

Get your URL out to the public. Put your URL on your car. As you are driving, parking, people will see your url over and over. Curiosity will get them to your site or a need they find from that you can fill.

Get a URL plate made for you vehicle here.

I'll be coming up with more ways for you to reach the masses soon.

Kenneth R Sword Jr

Judy Smith

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Re: Marketers Marketing To Marketers ... How Effective Is That?
10/9/2007 12:34:26 PM

Thanks, Ken!!

Great information!!


Arthur Webster

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Re: Marketers Marketing To Marketers ... How Effective Is That?
10/9/2007 1:11:03 PM

Hi, Kenneth,

I have always said that the Internet marketing crowd is small, incestuous and canibalistic. Let's face it, the average man in the street would not believe a word of what Internet marketers(sic) believe. But then, the man in the street is not looking to do nothing and expect to get rich (unless he has boundless faith in the lottery fairy).

Just as I.M. wannabes are told to join forums, marketers who want to reach a wider audience should join clubs and associations and network face to face.

Classified ads in popular 'source' newspapers are an excellent way to approach thousands of people and put your product in front of them. It's not overly expensive either.

In Spain we have an excellent propaganda machine which you can use to get sales leaflets posted to all the properties in a specific area. It's more expensive than classified advertising but it works better.

The Old Coot



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