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Advertising Aside-You Need a Good Domain Host
9/30/2007 10:16:28 PM

As most of you guys know, most domain hosting companies out there are charging about the same price for hosting a domain. So when it comes to choosing a domain host, perhaps the most important thing that one should look for is the technical support  and costumer service that the company offers.

Why is tech support so important? Because most of us internet marketers are not technically proficient enough to deal with the domain hosting configurations that are required to get our domain available to the world wide web.

Just recently I needed to get an upgrade to my account and I waited about two weeks and did not even get a response from my hosting company. Can you believe that? They had an opportunity to make an easy sale from a current costumer and they let it slide.

I am guessing that they are under staffed. Why else would they allow a sale go unnoticed? I know that if it was me I would have jumped at the opportunity in a heart beat. No one in their right mind wants to lose sales.

I was so disappointed on their lack of costumer support that I went looking for another domain hosting company. I noticed that the hosting services offered are essentially the same and they cost basically the same amount of money, so I went for the company that responded quicker and that answered my technical questions faster. For that reason I went with Domain Location and I am glad I did. Domain Location has given me the technical support that I need quickly, efficiently and with great courtesy.

So stop by the Domain Location site and check out the Hosting Domain packages that are available for you.

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Re: Advertising Aside-You Need a Good Domain Host
10/2/2007 1:55:24 AM
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