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Panda Pointer--The Dark Side of Community Participation
9/11/2007 7:55:50 AM
Panda Pointer-the dark side of social communities. As you know I have been telling and showing how to make the most of Adlandpro and why it is the number # 1 advertising site on the internet. Now for the dark side. 1. We are international, do not expect people with English as second language to always fully understand. Mis-understandings happen easily as words and sentence structure cause friction. 2. Not everyone is who they present themselves to be. It is easy to create a profile with false information. Watch for contradictions in profile information and actions in the community. 3. Give out your telephone number, and e-mail cautiously. 4. Hype and exageration are as real in Adlandpro as anywhere in the internet. Do your homework on programes and promoters. 5. Spammers are real, and you are not asked to accomodate them. The delete button with an explaination will suffice or use the situation to YOUR advantage. 6. Disagreements can be handled by removing ones self from the friends list and or forums. Banning and Blocking are options but may cause retaliation. 7. Feedback is for rating a person and their business, not a place to retaliate from some greivance. 8. Forums are for discussion, advertising and gathering information. They are not a place for greivances. 9. Discussion forums are for interaction, you post, I post and we discuss. Be prepared for someone to disagree. Remember much of the world values freedom of speech. Right or wrong respect for another's opinion will make for good discussion. 10. Forums designated for advertising deserve your kind use. Respect for the invitation is appreciated. Hogging the forum with repeated posting of the same ad is selfishness. 11. Personal mail is open to any legitimate information, either conversation, ads, and invitations (TOS). However, altho not a Term of Service, some people will be furious. You send ads, be prepared for the consequences. 12. Changing the topic in someone forum is not respectful of the forum owner. Start your own forum. 13. Using affliates to imply trust may cloud your thinking, i.e. religion, organizations, memberships, association with others. 14. Begging for money. Do your homework. Give generously to those you wish to help. This is not a common worry as most can see if business is so great then they would not be asking. Give to registered charities who can be trusted to deliver the donation. 15. Expect respect/disrespect disputes. What is acceptable to one is not acceptable to another. The written word can be mis-interpreted. How many ways do you understand the word "please". 16. Monitor all forums you post on. The original post can be changed. 17. Monitor your friends list. All the profile information can be changed to something with which you wish not have association. ********************************************************* Additions and comments to this post are welcomed at: All opinions and comments are welcome. You may add to this list. You will also meet the contributors to this list. *********************************************************** This is a commentary from TGAM Radio, showing how scamers find their match.

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