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Up to 116 MPG, Save On Gas, Insurance, Registration and more ...
9/10/2007 1:09:09 PM
Is it really possible to get up to 116 MPG? Well, the claims from Yamaha Motors says YES.

I'm in no way a dealer or salesman for them and I do not get paid in any way for this. This is purely free information and a way to help you and the environment.

Yamaha, and a few other companies, are tapping into the US market to give the consumer a better alternative in transportation and ways to save money at the pumps AND help the environment.

Yamaha's C3 has been marketed for 7 years in Japan as the VOX and is in it 2nd year in the US as the C3.

The reason I suggest the C3 is after an extensive search for this model being sold used, I have not found one yet meaning the owners are very happy with them and won't part from it. I have found many other brands/models used for sale but not this one.

If you want to help yourself save money and the environment I strongly suggest you look into this.

Kenneth R Sword Jr

Rudy Hiebert(rudyhiebert.myamsoil.c

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Re: Up to 116 MPG, Save On Gas, Insurance, Registration and more ...
9/10/2007 1:46:46 PM
Kenneth, this is a fantastic option, however, before one gets too excited about the 116 mpg, insurance costs etc. associated with this,  the closer one lives to the north pole, this mode of transportation has to take it's pole position. On a day like today, here in lotus land, it would awesome but there has to be a sliver of practicality as well. I hate to bore people with some scenarios where this would be a waste of money and garage space but allow me the following:
1.) any trip to replenish the pantry or workshop.
2.) taking stuff to or from the office.
3.) transporting kids to/from school or games etc.
4.) if tools or supplies are part of the transportation picture.
5.) physical limitations and recovery from surgery, etc.
6.) large family dog has to stay home instead of riding alone.

If we lived in a perfect world, I'd have a four bay garage, 1.) Hybrid SUV, 2.) Hybrid Hummer, 3.) 2 highway motorcycles and the C3 and 4.) F-150 - that should potentially cover all the transportation requirement to last for a while, don't you think.                
Re: Up to 116 MPG, Save On Gas, Insurance, Registration and more ...
9/10/2007 2:24:18 PM
Hi Rudy,

You bring in some valid points to ponder and I looked into alot of what you said for the past several months.

One benefit is saving mileage on the other vehicles. This will drop insurance premiums, save gas, save wear and tear and increase resale value of your vehicles. It's also a great alternative for young drivers in the family. So economical, and never have to see an insurance premium over $250.00 in a year if you opt to insure it.

Of course, I am not saying to sell the family auto and rely purely on this. But, with the travels we all do solo, we could be better at saving costs and helping the environment with one of these.

We have to look at each lifestyle to say whether it's practical and money saving. And for most it can be a BIG money saver.

You mentioned filliing the pantry ... this model has a 9 gallon storage capacity under the seat and with an additional add-on trunk it can handle quite alot of storage. Plus a backpack and you can carry more than enough groceries.

On the ranch? Great to getting out on the fields and rounding up the cows instead of a pickup.

Many other countries find these practical and are used as daily transportation. It's just the mindset of what we have become accustom to using. Sure, there will be times we need the SUV, car, Jeep, wagon, but, if we are going solo and don't need large hauling capacities this is a great answer to help saving costs.

Thanks for posting and enjoy the day.

Re: Up to 116 MPG, Save On Gas, Insurance, Registration and more ...
9/10/2007 5:47:32 PM

Kenneth & Rudy,

You both have some valid points that you have covered.

I have considered buying a scooter for quite some time, just to cut out some of the profit the oil companies are making.

I was reading the other day that there is a company that has a system that they instal on a vechile that will allow a person to get 50-100 mpg.

Don't know yet if it works, but I am checking into it!


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Re: Up to 116 MPG, Save On Gas, Insurance, Registration and more ...
9/10/2007 6:56:25 PM
Hello James,

Thanks for bringing this up. I have to admit I am a little sceptic of the notion of an  added system being able to produce such results. In theory, it sounds good. But I will do an analysis to show why I'm sceptical.

I'll use the Yamaha C3 for the example.

The C3 is a single cylinder, fuel injected, water cooled engine measuring 49cc's.

Now, let's look at an automobile engine. A minimum of 4 cylinders and a lot larger in cc's. If we take the 49cc and convert it to 4 cylinders then we have 196 cc's and 4 times the fuel used. That would equate to roughly 1/4 of the mileage.

So, let's move to the extra cc's now needed for an auto, an extra 1700+ cc's and these engines are still getting 25 to 35 MPG.

With these kind of stats it's really hard to beleave that any added system could increase the mpg by that much. Just an opinion.

Thanks again for posting.


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