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So Easy....
9/5/2007 11:23:56 PM
Monica S

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Re: So Easy....
9/6/2007 2:18:07 PM

woo hoo! first postings!

Unfortunately tho, I'm not seeing the picture.. it may be just me, will see if Bj can see it..

Joyce Sanders

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Re: So Easy....
9/7/2007 10:39:24 AM
Re: So Easy....
9/7/2007 2:09:36 PM

Yea I had a hard time getting it there, I'm not what you call computer literate.  Tried to shrink it but my pc just wouldn't cooperate with me. 

If there are any auburn fans out there it's just in good fun.


Oh yea, ROLL TIDE!


You may can probably tell that I spend more time on the tidesports boards than anywhere else, and frankly, the molre I am around any board the less work I do.

Hmm, gotta stop one of 'em, huh?


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