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Panda Pointers-How to post on a forum
8/30/2007 4:19:21 AM

How to Post on a forum

When a forum notice comes to you as an e-mail, here's what
you do?

+Open and look for sentence that says "To view the complete thread and post to a reply, please click here. (you may have to scroll a bit)

+Forum opens, use scroll bar on left side to read the forum.
Little numbers at the bottom are pages of posts.

+use little arrow to go back to page one. Look for POST
button at the bottom of the first post. Always reply on
the first post . The reason for that will come later.

+click on post  button and a box opens.

+Type your message. Scroll a bit
You will see:               

P>         Do not allow posts to this thread and email me when someone relies to this thread
(click on the email me if you want to follow the forum)

+Look for post, cancel and spellcheck (did you scroll so you
can see the buttons?)


Click on post when ready

Your post now appears on the last page, go check it out
If you made a really serious mistake and want  it removed
you will need to contact the forum owner .


 Click on their
photo and send message on profile.

Here's a practice safe spot. I will be looking for you.





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