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dont accept the letters or the in any way
8/29/2007 9:24:51 AM

I had joined there about almost 100 job posting i was sent some good response and that too what , all fraud sites , one best example a aid international organisation where they called me up and says they got my cv and was willing to offer me a job but i had to sign the contract , hell the contract was just some ordinary written document that nay one could make it out with no logo or any thing that said it was from the company and later it started asking my identity number my security numer , and my banking details , why on earth is it in need of my deatils why do you need a bank URL  or bank address , what he need is simlple my bank account to pay me my checks and then he claims that doing so i shall not have to pay  tax smart guy .


so guys care full dont join or any ending with the


and to the people wanting to join freelance careful of company such as Aid international with its office address at finland and many such groups


the other is dont join survey scout it has nothing to give

just with about 200 free registration survey sites from whom you shall never hear after once you complete the forms been a year and never heard from any

but still get a  letter of invitation from survey scouts to join as if it never knew i had joined and paid and the best part is once you pay the site to join you may login for some months after u cant even login and there is no chance to contact them to contact them too you have to pay


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Re: dont accept the letters or the in any way
11/18/2007 12:00:51 PM

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