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Ana Maria Padurean

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Will you help me with this, please?!
8/22/2007 10:50:02 AM
Hello and greetings to Everyone :-)

You know that I'm not too much (better say not at all LOL) in this online business,  however I'm learning about it. I watch you and others. Along with the process I have to "delete" many "INCREDIBLE OFFERS" from my inbox!
The other day I've got one, but I didn't realized which is the offer there, beside signing up to the guy?! Here is the mail I've got:

Hi Ana Maria P,

We've just setup a really cool new
service for our members.

You can now get your own mone.y making
website, at no-cost to you!

Go check it out:

To your success,
Nick Marks

P.S. We're only giving a limited amount of these
websites away. So don't wait, RUSH over to:

Now, will you please enlighten me what's the great business of the site, beside "growing" an opt in list for himself? I might be dum with this but I don't know?! LOL

Thank you for your time and help.
With friendship,

Al Sims

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Re: Will you help me with this, please?!
8/22/2007 10:54:39 AM

Hi Ana - Al Sims here.  Thank you for the invite.  It looks to me that he is trying to recruit you as an affiliate.  Chances are, you are right... He, as the primary website owner, and list compiler will get the most benefits from your efforts.

I do not see it as a good option.

Al Sims

Re: Will you help me with this, please?!
8/22/2007 11:25:24 AM

I have been trying to earn money from the Internet for so long now and without very much success. Although I earn good commission form my own website selling Land and selling a Plot Search Service, my earnings are limited to this and my main Business as a Carpenter and Builder. I have read so much hype and joined so many programs I am losing track of them. I would say that the best way that I can think of, is to personally build up as many contacts as you can. I am building my Adland Friends list and have also joined the following site (FREE) and building up even more contacts and introducing the Business i know to them. Please give it a try

Join this for FREE and make new Friends
Social Buisness network

My own site is as follows

Land and Property Investment

Buy Land while it is still reasonable
Arthur Webster

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Re: Will you help me with this, please?!
8/22/2007 11:50:09 AM

Hi, Anamaria,

If you want a quick and easy way to start a business - this could be it.

This is nothing at all to do with anybody else building a list.

This programme has been promoted by many people and some buyers have made and are making money doing it. You need to be aware that the site will be your own - not another clone of everybody else's site.

You will need to buy a domain name and get hosting for the site - which, of course, is where Nick Marks will be earning his income, but this is not very expensive.

The advertising voucher that you get will enable you to buy pay per click traffic from a search engine and if you use the right keywords, could be quite profitable.

I do not know what the web sites will be selling but they should be quite popular items and if you progress to the order page the information might be there.

If you feel that you would like your own web site, that you can do anything you like with, and that you can learn enough from their training to continue to make money by using some of your profits to buy more traffic, it could be a way forward for you.

Like everything on the web, you need to look at the details and decide if you can work the web site and develop it (maybe by adding a blog?). It is certainly not a rags to riches opportunity but the discipline of operating your own web site and learning all the aspects of managing that site will be of very great value - but only if you apply yourself for a couple of hours every day..

I do not have one of these web sites because I already have two excellent hosting accounts and I simply don't need and can't afford any more.

I hope that helps. I am not involved with Nick Marks nor am I a part of the organisation - I simply feel that this is an opportunity for you to learn that far exceeds all the usual rubbish that is advertised.

The decision is yours.

The Old Coot

Re: Will you help me with this, please?!
8/22/2007 12:48:27 PM
Hey Anamarie,

Kenneth here. Some templates for sale (free) and they get your name and email. You caught that quickly. Good. Now, I see Sebastian Foss endorsing this. Rum away girl. Google his name with the word scam riight after. This is one person that has sold major SPAM programs and Blasters.

But again, do the due diligence. Look up things. Don't even take my word for it.

Best to you


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