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Brad West

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Make Success Fun!! The Next Generation!!
8/22/2007 2:23:33 AM

Success is Fun!! We all need to have some!!


These are my educated observations and personal views about where I have been and where I see making money going on-line. Survival by communal marketing is inevitable. There is way too much to choose from and too few people to support all of them. Groups of like minded people are a must to not only survive but be successful.


Back in the 80’s there was an explosion of marketing opportunities that were presented on the internet and allot of people made a lot of money. Greed came into play and people were introduced to the scam in the 90s, thus triggering the explosive movement of the scam. That in short brings us to date. Now everyone has started their own program, most with good intent. But, there are not enough motivated, educated people available to make all these programs work.


So the trend in marketing went from individuals working on their own and actually having great success, to the birth of the forums, and information sharing through publication. This helped people find information about a particular program and make a sound decision based on the written information from the experiences of others. Now as I had predicted the social networking craze is upon us. This provides a setting for people to get a little more intimate with each other and their experiences, 


The ways of advertising have gone from one on one contact, to mass advertising tools. List builders had the upper hand for a good long time. They were an effective way to reach the masses and very successful. Now it seems that everyone is building a list, some by offering safe mailing to hundreds of thousands of names, some by offering e-books or free software to collect your name.  The whole e-mail marketing concept has become stale. There is no way that one person could effectively tend to the thousands of e-mails generated from these venues, never mind effectively make a decision about what program to join if they were looking for one. Most of the people participating in this form of advertising are looking for people not opportunities. It is a hard sell when you are marketing to marketers and contacting people that already have their own agenda and most are desperate to make their own projects viable.


This brings me to the social networking craze, people are flocking to these sites in droves, everyone with their own agenda and project to push at you, instantly you are swimming in a sea of spam. I don’t know about you but I get enough spam in my e-mail without registering for more. Again I say there are still way to many programs, projects, and opportunities available for most to actually become productive and viable. Even the so called gurus are having a tough go of it, but that is another subject I will address in detail at a later date. I will probably call it “The Death of the Guru”.  Anyway, the whole realm of a successful program will come down to value. Education is the key. The true intent of the social networking community is to provide a venue for intimate interaction with others, so you can feel comfortable and build relationships on a higher level with those you associate with. Advertising on these sites is just another form of spam. It is great to show others what you stand behind on your profile just as a sig-line is used on forums. When you open up to others and personally show interest in them it is natural for them to be curious about you. If you interact with others and develop a relationship with them, where do they live, are they married, do they have children what do they drive, and so on. Don’t you think that they would want to know what you do and how well you are doing with it?


So back a few years when the ‘too much to choose from and not enough interest to support a program’ craze hit me I started to guess and predict the future of where the trends were headed. I must now make reference to our project at hand. To explain the trends because being so intimate with our own actions, I’m not sure I have another way for an effective explanation.


After years of strategizing and planning we decided to put into action our thoughts and predictions. We didn’t have a hundred thousand dollars to launch a project of this magnitude. So November 2006 we went on the hunt to gather the material and tools we needed to get underway. The lack of big money meant that we needed to invest more time, it is as simple as that. The labor intensity is incredible and still ongoing but that is ok.  First we needed a networking site this was the simple part. Then we needed some like minded people that could help educate others on how to be effective and succeed with their dreams, this will always be an on going quest. You can never have enough information or experience for anything. And thirdly, we needed to provide them with a safe effective way to produce funds so they didn’t need to reach into their pockets every month to support their dreams. The tools that we provide and train you to use, even for our free members are top of the line but, common tools for the most part. The way they are used deems the effectiveness of them.


That is a little history about what we are doing now to answer the big question, why? Way back when I started in the MLM, the principals were Love, Trust, and Money. Introducing others to what you believed to be your vehicle to freedom in your life was done by going to their homes asking them to invite their friends so they had support in the decision to join you in your dreams. The first step was to gain their trust by getting intimate with them and opening up and sharing who you are. Then most of the time after small talk for a while someone would ask you to tell them why you a total stranger was in their home. That was the Q to show them the money. These principals have been deemed to be most effective in getting people to want to include themselves in your interests.


Always show your love for the people, you never know where or when you will meet them again. I have a short story about an experience that thought me this fact. Years ago when I was just starting my general contracting business, I lived in a little town on the east coast the main income for the town was construction, mainly building second and third homes for city folks. Well, this was an interesting Friday afternoon, the city folk were rolling into town for the weekend and I was rolling into the store for my second beer run. Things were fairly busy in the limited parking lot and a Mercedes parked right behind my truck. Not that I really had anyplace pressing to go but the liquid patience had taken over. Not getting into particulars it was an unpleasant experience for the most part. Well about six months later I was left a message on my answering machine and returned the call. I had canceled some long time plans to attend a Saturday meeting for the possibility of building a half a million dollar custom home. I had been recommended by a former client so I felt confident that I had the contract hands down. Then I knocked on the door! Former unpleasantries from a few moments of stupidity began to emerge from the open door. I think I need say no more, always act in Love, It truly never fails!


In conclusion to my ramblings the next trend is taking place through a series of subtle changes triggered by education and enlightenment. We are setting an example for this trend by providing a safe social setting to call home, to learn and encourage that interacting with people as people is priceless and powerful. By providing a means to gain an income through going to other communities and acting in the same manner of Love and gaining Trust by inviting people into your life and showing you care about them and their lives.


Just a little footnote: There are certain aspects and subjects mentioned here that I have not gone into detail about. Such as, the effectiveness of some of the tools we use today, or how we intend on developing the matrix or common MLM pay plan to produce for everyone, no matter where they are in the mix. How come Love and Positive actions are so much more effective in getting results?


Brad West


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Roger Macdivitt .

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Re: Make Success Fun!! The Next Generation!!
8/22/2007 1:36:26 PM

Wow Brad,

That was one whole  bunch of information.

I only had time to read quickly but agreed almost all the way.

I still feel a little uncertain as to where we are all heading.

I idetify with the spam situation.

Great stuff, Keep it coming,


Judy Smith

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Re: Make Success Fun!! The Next Generation!!
8/22/2007 2:49:15 PM

Hi Brad,

I agree with Roger 100% - GREAT STUFF!  I will have to go back and reread and absorb!!  Do keep it coming - perhaps in "shorter bursts" - less to read at one time.

Thank you,


Nick Sym

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Re: Make Success Fun!! The Next Generation!!
8/22/2007 6:18:11 PM
Hi Brad

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