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Monday Motivator - Working with the Laws of the Universe
8/20/2007 5:01:47 PM

You always have enough time if you will but use it wisely.
Your dilemma goes deeper than having a shortage of time,
it's basically a problem of priorities.
Most people leave undone those things that should be done,
while they do things that they shouldn't be doing.
Set priorities for your goals.
A major part of successful living lies in your ability to put first things first.
Most major goals are not achieved because people put second things first.
Is what you're doing getting you closer to your objectives?
Anything that is wasted effort represents wasted time.
Don't serve time, make time serve you.

©2006 by Max Steingart
Wow these are profound words! They really struck home with me. It is so easy these days to be side-tracked from your goals by so many things; kids, TV, the web, work, life etc.
I know that most people when they start their own business are extremely excited and focused for the first month or so. But then the excitement wears off when they realize it's going to take more time and effort and they really aren't' going to get rich over night. That's when it becomes so easy to make excuses of not having enough time.
The truth is many people have very tight time schedules day and when they're done working, taking the kids to their events, and just plain doing the everyday chores they just want to RELAX. I know I was in the same place 10 years ago.
The question is how bad do you want to change the situation you're in now? I had a strong desire to quit my job and not have to deal with my over-demanding boss. So I just arranged my schedule to add a couple of hours to work my business in the evenings. I would usually exercise for 30 min. I gave up TV ( the income reducer) and just looked at my goal board while I made my phone calls.
It wasn't easy some nights and I'll admit sometimes I just gave in to fatigue.
Writing down a schedule for myself and my family to see helped to keep me on track. It was definitely worth while.  Within one year my husband and I were both able to quit our jobs and work from home full time. Within two years we were earning a healthy six figure income and my husband take our family on fantastic vacations all over the world. Check out our photos here in Adland under Blessed and Grateful. So what ever goals you choose, remember you have to take control of your time and not let it control you. That decision will determine your success.
Blessings for Your Success,
G. Lee
G. Lee Meyer

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