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How to get paid for playing games online!
8/16/2007 3:51:32 AM

y 15th 2007 Virtual World Direct (VWD) launched a unique series of skill games online to the entertainment market.  uVme, the name of this new gaming platform promises to take the online skill games industry by storm.  uVme utilizes the latest concept of online social networking as the method of bringing this product to a global audience. 


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The uVme product range is completely unique in nature as is the multi-level marketing (MLM) delivery method of such a product in the skill games sector.  uVme has been two years in the making and has utilized a selection of the best skill games specialists, at the VWD offices in Bangalore, to create a product that the skill gaming industry has never seen before.

The co-founder of VWD, Tom Brodie, used the analogy of
YouTube and its unbelievable growth when describing the effect uVme will have on VWD and its affiliates. YouTube used the same online social networking model as planned for uVme and YouTube grew to a staggering market value of $1.65 billion just 18 months. Tom Brodie emphasized that the beauty of uVme is both its simplicity in nature and global mass market appeal and due to these characteristics there is no reason why the product can not be in every home on the planet.

At the uVme launch on July 15th VWD affiliates were exposed to this new global brand and the feed back has been astonishing. The overall feeling is that uVme (Formally e-play) will be truly phenomenal.  Affiliates and players are set to experience an entertaining and memorable social experience which will lead to the creation of new online friends, massive incomes and a feeling of fun every step of the way.

uVme is showing the signs of becoming a serious player in the online skill games and entertainment markets. Full details of uVme and its commission structure can be found on the uVme compensation plan.

What you can expect:

  • Stunning earning possibilities!
  • A series of skill games online which have been developed purely for the uVme gaming platform!
  • Huge Fast Start Bonuses to get you playing for free as soon as possible!
  • Uncapped worldwide earning potential!
  • Make new friendships through this new global social network!

Evolution Day was the big pre-launch event when all was be made clear. This ground breaking day emphasised the enormity of the online casual skill gaming market.  If you want to have first mover advantage and be at the forefront of the skill games online revolution, Join now! 

Do not miss this opportunity if you truly value your financial future!!! 

uVme Skill Gaming Online. uVme. Where Skill Gaming and Online Social Networking Unite. uVme is the unique skill gaming and online social networking organisation to enter the global market. Discover why international network marketing leaders are giving this skill games business ten out of ten

uVme Skill Gaming. uVme will revolutionize the skill gaming and online social networking industries. Discover why international network marketing leaders are giving this skill games business ten out of ten and committing to uVme Links




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