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8/8/2007 9:55:39 AM

If a salesperson senses (either correctly or incorrectly) that you’re on the verge of signing a cellular contract, they’ll often offer to “thrown in” an accessory as an “incentive to buy now”. At this juncture, the majority of buyers think they have the salesperson “right where they want them” and they are now in control. Think again!

In reality, the salesperson has just offered you an addition $2 to $15 (depending on your personal accounting methods or the difference of the cost to manufacture and retail markup) in exchange for at least $1,000 (assuming it is a 2-year commitment). And, most people bite on this! Amazing!

Can I please just stop right here? Thank you.

Now this may sound stupid coming from someone that sells accessories, but honestly, in most cases you’d be better off checking out Wal-mart or Target for the most common accessories like cases and DC power adapters for use in the vehicle. Unless you’re Paris Hilton and you’d rather slit your wrists than sport a Wal-Mart label.

In any case, you'll save at least $5, maybe even more, if in fact it is "one of those" hasty, regrettable, costly decisions.

We hope this information is helpful!

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